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Workout recap

Here is my recap of half marathon training week 5

Monday: Run 3.1 mi in 31 minutes

Tuesday: Morning 1 hour swim

Wednesday: Run 3 mi in 35 minutes

Thursday: Gym – strength training. Focused on glutes and abs

Friday: Spin – total body fusion cycling and krankcycle

Saturday: Get in Gear 10K race

Sunday: Rest/ spent an hour at the gym just stretching and foam rolling and then a little sauna time 🙂

I have my second indoor triathlon of the year this weekend! Hoping to improve on all fronts — especially the run and swim portions of the race. This week’s workouts will be a little lighter on the running.


Get in Gear 10K Race Recap

I woke up yesterday morning and the temperature was in the mid-40s, already higher than the predicted high of 39 that I saw when I went to bed the night before. Also, no precipitation — so I felt pretty optimistic that the weather for the Get in Gear 10K wasn’t going to be as bad as I had anticipated.

Made myself a pre-race breakfast of two eggs, water and coffee and tried to determine if the outfit I had laid out still made sense for the change in the weather. Not ten minutes later, the rain started to fall and I swear the temperature dropped at least five degrees. So I re-decided on an outfit (crop-length running tights, a long sleeved thermal Lululemon top under a zip-up jacket.) I also grabbed a hat.

This race keeps growing each year and we definitely felt this since it was almost impossible to push our way to the start line and it took a solid three miles before the crowd dissipated. Those first three miles was a frustrating combination of weaving around other runners, being weaved around and getting pelted with rain/ice.

I felt really good the entire way, with no leg fatigue or soreness. Grabbed water at the stop at mile 3 and took one of my energy chews along with it. The hill that immediately followed this has never felt easier. Probably around mile 5.2 or so I decided to kick it in and go for it for the rest of the race. I didn’t wear my Garmin, so I wasn’t even sure if I had a shot at PRing. Minus having to stop quick and re-tie my shoe, I ran strong and hard the rest of the way and crossed the finish line with a PR — an unofficial chip time of 1:02:09!

This worked out to an average pace of 10:01 per mile and my time at mile 4 was 40:54.

So a look at my times the last three years:
2009 – 1:11:03
2010 – 1:03:49
2011 – 1:04:22
2012 – 1:02:09

Didn’t take many photos, but here’s one of me with some of my co-workers after the race!

Last night I went out with the husband and friends to the dance party of the year and had a great time!

Felt better than anticipated today but still took it easy at the gym since my legs were feeling a bit sore.

I have my second indoor triathlon of the year this upcoming weekend! I have 8 miles on the training schedule next weekend, but with the indoor triathlon on Sunday, I’m thinking it’s a better idea to rest on Saturday, so I’m looking for advice. Do I move my 8 miles to sometime during the week or just go ahead and do 9 miles next weekend?

Tomorrow I’m Getting in Gear

Happy Friday!

Today over lunch I went to pick up my Get in Gear race packet.


(Does anyone have any creative idea of what to do with race shirts you don’t plan on ever wearing? I’m thinking of donating them to the Goodwill or something.)

I’ve run this race the past four years and it has been less-than-ideal weather every year. Current forecast for 9 a.m. race start time tomorrow? 39 degrees with a 60 percent chance of rain. Did I mention that just a couple of weeks ago it was 70 degrees and sunny? Sigh.

But at least it hasn’t been hot and isn’t going to be hot tomorrow — and I have to admit that I feel pretty hardcore after running in bad weather.

In other news, this arrived in the mail today:

WOOT! It’s official 🙂

What’s everyone’s weekend plans? Anyone running races?

Getting my swim on

Tuesday morning, bright and early, I did something I haven’t done in far too long: I got in the pool.

I did an indoor triathlon in February and have another indoor coming up next weekend AND I signed up for a sprint tri in July, so I really should already be getting in more pool time –but so far I haven’t been. I did take some swimming lessons this winter to work on stroke technique, but that obviously didn’t improve my endurance or anything.

Things I love about swimming laps

  • it leaves me refreshed! (especially in the morning – great way to wake up)
  • it’s a lot easier on my joints
  • it’s really easy to see improvement

Plus, it’s always interesting to me to learn the unspoken “rules” and culture of different sports. Looking forward to next week’s swim already!

Who else spends some of their training time in the pool? What kinds of workouts do you do?

Being a running buddy + Girls on the Run practice

As some of you know, I got involved last August with Girls on the Run Twin Cities, a new chapter of Girls on the Run International. I am on the marketing committee and lead the social media efforts. It’s been a super fun ride so far helping to get the program off of the ground here in the Cities and meeting some amazing women along the way.

The first season just kicked off back in March (with some media attention!) and it ends with the girls running a 5K on May 19. I just officially signed up to be a running buddy at the race! I’m super excited. Being a running buddy basically means that I attend a practice and run with one of the girls during her practice 5K, encouraging her along the way. Then I do the same thing on race day!

Last week the marketing committee attended one of the regular lessons and it was a blast. It was so cool to see the program in action and how much the girls loved it. Our awesome photographer got some great shots.

I’ve posted some more information about Girls on the Run here.

Week four in review

Last week was a great week of training!

Monday: My fave core class at Lifetime.

Tuesday: ran 3 in 31 minutes.

Wednesday: ran 3 miles in 35 minutes. Legs felt DEAD — awful run.

Thursday: Came down with flu-like symptoms. Forced rest day.

Friday: Felt significantly better on Friday. Took it easy at the gym with 20 minutes of walking on the treadmill and some core and glute strengthening.

Saturday: Ran 7 miles in 1:13. Felt greeeeeat!!

Sunday: Recovered from going out for my husband’s birthday the night before with just some walking on the treadmill at the gym.

Ran 3.1 miles tonight with a friend. Taking the week a little easy because this weekend is the Get in Gear 10K!


Happy Sunday everyone! It’s been a great weekend — sad it went too fast, as usual. Yesterday was my husband’s birthday. I started the day off with a 7 mile run, then we went to Be’wiched for lunch, the Electric Fetus to celebrate Record Store Day, I took a (glorious) nap and then had dinner at Moscow on the Hill.

My husband and I go to Moscow on the Hill every year for his birthday. This year, I went with the poached pear salad and matzo ball soup. Delicious. We also split the Napolean (best dessert I’ve had in a long time) and we got some fun drinks:

Then — eventually this happened:

Needless to say, I woke up feeling less than stellar this morning but had to get going to go volunteer at the Gear West Bike and Triathlon Women’s Brunch.

It was a free brunch but they were awesome enough to collect donations for Girls on the Run!

They had a great turnout and it was fun to talk to people about GOTR and see everyone eager to support us.

The brunch itself was pretty awesome, too. I didn’t make it in time for the pre-brunch group ride, but they had an awesome spread of healthy brunch items. I had some fresh fruit and a half of a bagel — and wonderful, delicious coffee. (a second cup was necessary this morning)

They also had some vendors there giving out samples, like Luna. The Team Luna Chix were there, too. What a cool group — and I won a Luna T-shirt in the raffle!

Went to the gym and just walked on the treadmill and did some major stretching and foam rolling. My training schedule is all effed up this week so I moved up my rest day to make it technically today. I’m going to do my best to get up and run in the morning before work. fingers crossed that I don’t turn off my alarm and go back to bed.

Other than that, went out for some wings and beer (ma-jor diet cleanup starts tomorrow!!) and then participated in #runchat tonight (future post about #runchat coming soon.) Hope everyone had a great weekend!