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Supporting, but not running.


This past Saturday brought GLORIOUS running weather in the Twin Cities and it was the perfect day for Goldy’s Run! I, however, did not participate.

A few months back, my husband mentioned that he really wanted to do this run, but grumbled when he saw the race entry fee. (and who could blame him?) So – I went ahead and signed him up!

Arriving at the race on Saturday morning gave me all of the feelings of excitement that I usually feel when I show up for a race – but along with it, came (selfish) disappointment that I wasn’t running, too!

But when the cheering squad showed up that I recruited and we made an awesome sign to hold up when we cheered Jesse on, I felt only excited again.


My husband finished 62nd overall in 1:11:47 – over 3 minutes faster than his goal time! I was so proud.


Being a spectator at the race made me think I might sign up to volunteer at a race this year!

Do you volunteer at races?


4 thoughts on “Supporting, but not running.

  1. Congratulations to your husband! I’ve never volunteered for a race, but I think it is a nice way to give back. I think I would have that same disappointment that I wasn’t running though!

    • Thanks, Amy! I agree — I try and thank the volunteers when I run, but I think actually volunteering myself would make me appreciate them more. and yes — a great way to give back 🙂

  2. So awesome you surprised Jesse with a race! Congrats to him on his great finish! (BTW… aren’t races fees out of control?! $100 to run a half marathon is a bit steep.) I volunteered a couple years ago at the Minneapolis Marathon… was a blast cheering on runners near the finish (though, I longed to be running, too)!

    • thanks, Erin! I can’t even believe how expensive it is — but I truly do love having races to look forward to and train for…so it’s unavoidable 🙂

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