Getting my swim on

Tuesday morning, bright and early, I did something I haven’t done in far too long: I got in the pool.

I did an indoor triathlon in February and have another indoor coming up next weekend AND I signed up for a sprint tri in July, so I really should already be getting in more pool time –but so far I haven’t been. I did take some swimming lessons this winter to work on stroke technique, but that obviously didn’t improve my endurance or anything.

Things I love about swimming laps

  • it leaves me refreshed! (especially in the morning – great way to wake up)
  • it’s a lot easier on my joints
  • it’s really easy to see improvement

Plus, it’s always interesting to me to learn the unspoken “rules” and culture of different sports. Looking forward to next week’s swim already!

Who else spends some of their training time in the pool? What kinds of workouts do you do?


4 thoughts on “Getting my swim on

  1. sweetsweat

    Yeah! I couldn’t agree more that swimming is a great start to the day. I finally made it to the pool this morning, too! We need to get a swim in together sometime soon 🙂


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