Tomorrow I’m Getting in Gear

Happy Friday!

Today over lunch I went to pick up my Get in Gear race packet.


(Does anyone have any creative idea of what to do with race shirts you don’t plan on ever wearing? I’m thinking of donating them to the Goodwill or something.)

I’ve run this race the past four years and it has been less-than-ideal weather every year. Current forecast for 9 a.m. race start time tomorrow? 39 degrees with a 60 percent chance of rain. Did I mention that just a couple of weeks ago it was 70 degrees and sunny? Sigh.

But at least it hasn’t been hot and isn’t going to be hot tomorrow — and I have to admit that I feel pretty hardcore after running in bad weather.

In other news, this arrived in the mail today:

WOOT! It’s official πŸ™‚

What’s everyone’s weekend plans? Anyone running races?


5 thoughts on “Tomorrow I’m Getting in Gear

  1. sweetsweat

    Good luck tomorrow, Hyedi! The Get in Gear is such a fun race (despite the historically terrible weather).

    And, congrats on Grandma’s Half! One of my fave races πŸ™‚

  2. Amy

    Good luck tomorrow! I hate getting used to nice warm weather and then having it change back to winter. Hopefully the rain waits until AFTER the race to pour down!


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