Get in Gear 10K Race Recap

I woke up yesterday morning and the temperature was in the mid-40s, already higher than the predicted high of 39 that I saw when I went to bed the night before. Also, no precipitation — so I felt pretty optimistic that the weather for the Get in Gear 10K wasn’t going to be as bad as I had anticipated.

Made myself a pre-race breakfast of two eggs, water and coffee and tried to determine if the outfit I had laid out still made sense for the change in the weather. Not ten minutes later, the rain started to fall and I swear the temperature dropped at least five degrees. So I re-decided on an outfit (crop-length running tights, a long sleeved thermal Lululemon top under a zip-up jacket.) I also grabbed a hat.

This race keeps growing each year and we definitely felt this since it was almost impossible to push our way to the start line and it took a solid three miles before the crowd dissipated. Those first three miles was a frustrating combination of weaving around other runners, being weaved around and getting pelted with rain/ice.

I felt really good the entire way, with no leg fatigue or soreness. Grabbed water at the stop at mile 3 and took one of my energy chews along with it. The hill that immediately followed this has never felt easier. Probably around mile 5.2 or so I decided to kick it in and go for it for the rest of the race. I didn’t wear my Garmin, so I wasn’t even sure if I had a shot at PRing. Minus having to stop quick and re-tie my shoe, I ran strong and hard the rest of the way and crossed the finish line with a PR — an unofficial chip time of 1:02:09!

This worked out to an average pace of 10:01 per mile and my time at mile 4 was 40:54.

So a look at my times the last three years:
2009 – 1:11:03
2010 – 1:03:49
2011 – 1:04:22
2012 – 1:02:09

Didn’t take many photos, but here’s one of me with some of my co-workers after the race!

Last night I went out with the husband and friends to the dance party of the year and had a great time!

Felt better than anticipated today but still took it easy at the gym since my legs were feeling a bit sore.

I have my second indoor triathlon of the year this upcoming weekend! I have 8 miles on the training schedule next weekend, but with the indoor triathlon on Sunday, I’m thinking it’s a better idea to rest on Saturday, so I’m looking for advice. Do I move my 8 miles to sometime during the week or just go ahead and do 9 miles next weekend?


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