Getting Social

One important part of training – for me at least – is accountability. Or at least perceived accountability. That’s where social media comes in. Like most people, if I say I’m going to do something (whether that’s face-to-face to someone I know or online), I’m more likely to actually do it.

Also, in addition to being obsessed with tracking my workouts/training, I love reading about others’ training and their successes and roadblocks (and how they overcome them) – this is also where social media comes in. I’m a huge fan of the social network, Dailymile and the Twitter chat #runchat. I also follow running/fitness blogs to keep me motivated — some of my faves include, Sweet Sweat, Meals and Miles, Lavender Parking, Carrots n’ Cake, N Her Shoes and Frayed Laces — to name just a few.

iPhone apps are also super helpful for me in my training. My faves include: Gym-pact MyFitnessPal Fleetly Runmeter.

What “social” tools to do use in your training — online or offline?

Happy Friday!


5 thoughts on “Getting Social

  1. Amy

    Thanks for including me in your favorites! I completely agree that social media is a huge motivator, not only because you actually have to post times or talk about your training, but also because everyone is so supportive! I started out with daily mile, and then just stopped for no good reason, but it was pretty motivating having random people tell me “good job!” after every run.

  2. sweetsweat

    Awesome! Thanks much for including me in your favorites! As much as I LOVE social media and do follow a few fitness blogs, I haven’t done much social networking regarding my workouts (other than starting my blog) and haven’t recently tweeted much about them. I should probably work on that 🙂


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