Proceed with caution + triathlon prep

Today didn’t include any running or lifting or swimming or biking….but it did include this:

and this…

A duck family…

..and walks by the beach with my pup

After the 10K last weekend, I started to notice the nagging pain in my foot seemed to be getting worse and especially in the morning, right after I got out of bed. I didn’t pay much attention at first, but then noticed that I’d be getting ready in the morning and avoiding putting any weight on the front of my one foot. So, with an 8 mile run on the schedule (was supposed to happen yesterday) and my indoor triathlon this weekend, I decided to call my doctor’s Careline and see what they’d recommend that I do.

Basically, it sounds like it’s my plantar fasciitis acting up again and I was instructed to take the last couple of days plus today off of running and focus on stretching and rolling a tennis ball under my foot and loosening up my calf muscles. (I shudder to think of how bad this could have been if I didn’t foam roll my calves everyday.) I have to say, this morning the pain is pretty much completely gone. After my indoor tri tomorrow, if the pain is back I have to go in for an eval to make sure it’s nothing worse.

BUT for now….I’m packing for my indoor tri! I had an awful nightmare last night that I got sidetracked after completing the swimming portion and showed up hours late to the biking/running and broke down sobbing and begging them to let me participate. Weird.

(packing all of the essentials)

Finally…I’ve decided to set goals for tomorrow! I’d like to at least hit the following distances:

Swim – 19 lengths
Bike – 17 miles
Run – 2.1 miles

Previous indoor tri results:

February 2012

15.5 lengths of the pool
16.5 miles on the bike
1.89 miles on the treadmill

April 2009

14 lengths of the pool
8.5 miles on the bike
1.81 miles on the treadmill

Wish me luck!


One thought on “Proceed with caution + triathlon prep

  1. sweetsweat

    Good luck, Hyedi! Hope it went well… looking forward to reading the recap 🙂

    And, hope your foot is feeling better and didn’t act up today!


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