Yoga bliss

Yoga bliss is something that I’ve definitely experienced before, but haven’t thought much about.

After way too long of a hiatus and a super busy day at work, I found myself laying on my yoga mat in a 105 degree room – one of my favorite places to be, ever.

I found my way back to The Yoga Pioneers (after, I admit, purchasing a Groupon – hey, the funds are a little low lately!) Now that I work close by again, I’m excited to be able to practice where I took my first ever yoga class – back then, the studio was called Bikram Yoga. It’s owned by the husband and wife team of Herb and Laiki – and they’re absolutely wonderful. (they have great new client specials if anyone ever wants to go sometime!)

So Herb always starts off class (I made sure that I made it to one he was teaching 🙂 with a teaching – and yesterday’s class was focused on happiness and the absence of misery. It was amazing how quickly the stressors of the day melted away as I listened to Herb’s soothing voice. After an intense one-hour (not sure I was ready for a 90 minute class yet!) practice, I was definitely experiencing yoga bliss as I laid in final svasana.

My favorite part of the whole experience at the Yoga Pioneers is that they have a dish set out with a thin, freshly sliced apple. NOTHING tastes better than that one apple slice at that moment. Yoga bliss usually continues for me the entire drive home. No matter the weather, I usually crack the window a bit and probably have a stupid smile on my face. Oh, and another benefit? No road rage!

I hope you’ve all experienced yoga bliss at some point in your life. and it’s probably a little different for everyone. How would you describe it?


2 thoughts on “Yoga bliss

  1. sweetsweat

    Sounds lovely! An apple slice after a sweaty yoga sesh… why don’t all yoga studios do that? 🙂

    How I’d describe my yoga bliss… so relaxed and safe on my mat that every single stress + thought are completely gone, even if it’s just for a few quiet minutes. That high, however, continues the rest of the day!


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