An up and down week

So I went and got needles stuck in me yesterday.

After my first debilitating migraine in forever hit on Wednesday and my neck/shoulder pain persisting for three days, I asked for advice on FB and decided to make an emergency appointment to get in to see an acupuncturist. A few dozen needles later, I feel pretty amazing. In fact, right after the treatment, the pain had subsided completely. It didn’t stay away, but I have range of motion back and the pain has significantly decreased. I’m going back in a week for a follow-up treatment, thinking it could have benefits beyond just for that pain.

My stomach issues that crept up this past weekend still hadn’t gone away by mid-week and then I started thinking about the kinds of foods that I’ve recently reintroduced into my diet. Dairy (mainly ice cream — sigh.) and gluten. Have been avoiding these the last couple of days and am feeling better.

This week wasn’t all bad though. I had a stellar (for me) run on Wednesday morning. I had originally gotten up early to swim but it was the perfect weather for running instead – and I’m so glad that I did.

Inspired by Amy’s hard work at achieving negative splits — I decided to go for it! (I figured the 5 miles on my training schedule would be much easier to achieve negative splits than a half marathon! Especially with not having the race day adrenaline working against me.)

Mile 1 – 10:08
Mile 2 – 9:49
Mile 3 – 9:42
Mile 4 – 9:07
Mile 5 – 8:35

Total time: 47:22

I have a 9-miler on the books for tomorrow and I’m happy to have a friend running with me for six of those miles 🙂

What is everyone’s weekend running plans? …and has anyone ever gotten acupuncture before?

Happy Friday, everyone!


4 thoughts on “An up and down week

  1. sweetsweat

    Hope you’re feeling better, both migraine- and stomach-wise! Although my cousin is an acupuncturist in Seattle, I’ve never had a treatment. My dog has, though, and it’s helped her immensely! 🙂

    Nice negative split run! And, how’d the nine-miler go?!

    My weekend running: longest run of 2012 so far (4.3 miles!) and a brick (15-mile bike + 2-mile run).

    1. hyedi Post author

      The nine-miler went pretty great — although I was a lot more sore than I have been on any runs lately. I was pretty happy with my pace and felt good during the entire thing!

      Nice job on the 4.3 miles!! And an impressive brick! 🙂

      Coming up in the next couple of weeks I’m planning to run over your way — maybe you can join me on part of it!

      1. sweetsweat

        Thank you! Surprisingly, I kinda like bricks 🙂

        Yes! Let me know when you’re in the neighborhood! We should also plan a run one of these days!

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