May #runchat challenge

This month’s #runchat challenge:
Take a different route. Run a road you’ve never been on; run on a trail you’ve never explored; or run a race that’s new to you.

The next #runchat challenge is to push yourself to do something different at least once in May and take a picture of that road, or trail, or you during that new race, or you after that particular run.

On my nine-miler last week I consulted my husband to see what running routes were his favorite while he was marathon training a couple of years ago. He suggested taking some of the paths along the river. While I run along the river quite often, there are some paths that split off from the main route that I’ve never checked out. I’m glad that I did though — it’s so green and peaceful!

I also realized that I’ve never properly trained for a half marathon before. The first half that I ran I didn’t really follow a plan and the longest run I did before the half was the TC 10-Mile a few weeks prior. The second half (and the one that left me injured and unable to run for six months) I might have hit 8 miles once (but in all likelihood it was less than that) and did not keep up with my short runs during the week.

What’s different this time around is that I’m not only following a plan, I’m not stressing about having to move things around to make sure I get my miles logged. So what if my long run is supposed to be on Saturday? Move it to Sunday — no big deal. And I’m actually looking forward to my runs instead of dreading them. Feels good 🙂

Celebratory mirror photo post-run. (Is it 2004 again?)


6 thoughts on “May #runchat challenge

  1. Amy

    I still need to do this! I’m also always jealous of how green most other places are. My running trails look a lot less lively!

  2. sweetsweat

    Such a great idea! I’m definitely doing this… there are SO many paths along the river I’ve never checked out, either.

    Also, your attitude toward marathon training is awesome! Flexibility + listening to your body + no stress = happy runner 🙂 Keep up the great training!

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