Looking ahead to the weekend + GOTR 5K

Well, tomorrow is the big day! It’s the Be the One Run 5K and the girls from both of the Girls on the Run Twin Cities sites will be running! I’m excited to be a running buddy, I wasn’t able to make the practice run due to a work meeting, so it will be a surprise who I’m paired with!

The weather looks like it will be nice – a little warm though!

Sunday I’m volunteering with the Minnesota AIDS Project MN AIDS Walk/Run. Some friends and I are going to be a part of the Run Spirit Squads!

I’m also excited for this on Sunday. I absolutely ADORE street festivals.

This week’s workouts so far have consisted of a super tough core class on Monday that left me with sore abs for the next TWO days! Also my first brick (!!) on Tuesday, a strength training gym session and an outside 3.5 mile run on Wednesday, a rest day yesterday and I got up and swam this morning! I think I have bide ride plans with a friend this afternoon.

Brick stats:

4.2 mile bike – 19 minutes 24 seconds
3.01 mile run – 30 minutes 23 seconds

I ran out of time to bike any further because I had to meet my friend that I was running with. Also, the first half of a mile was in a residential area and the last bit was directly into the wind.

Because of the 5K tomorrow, I’m planning to do another short-midlength run later in the afternoon and save my 10-miler that’s on my training schedule for next week. I am taking Friday off of work so I think I’ll do it on Friday!

Oh, and the YWCA posted their training plan this week and it has me VERY nervous for all of the preparations for my triathlon which is a month sooner than the YWCA one!


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