Weekend race recap

It sure was an eventful weekend!

On Saturday, the girls from the two sites of the Girls on the Run Twin Cities inaugural season all ran the Be the One Run 5K. Most of them ran with their parents as their running buddy or volunteers. (*side note: I finally got to meet Erica, who I recruited to be a running buddy. She got her girl to the finish line with a smile on her face!)

My running buddy’s family got lost on their way to the race so she didn’t end up making it in time 😦 Since I didn’t end up with a running buddy, I did something I’ve never done before – live tweeted during a race. It was a lot of fun, but somehow more challenging than just running 3.1 miles!

Check out the GOTR-TC Facebook page for the photos I took during the race.

Sunday was cold and rainy, but it didn’t lots of people participating in the MN AIDS Walk and 4-Mile run. Some friends and I volunteered as part of the spirit squad for the runners! How much fun to be on the “other side” for once. I loved seeing how appreciative some of the runners were for our cheering and encouragement.

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous outside. I took advantage of the sunshine and great temps by going for an 18.4 mile bike ride. After I got home, Jesse and I went to our local garden store (I love this place) and picked up some plants for our garden.

Once we got those in the ground, I hit up my favorite weekly core class at Lifetime.

(Taken during my bike ride.)
Bike stats – 18.4 miles in 1:18:23

Needless to say, I slept like a baby last night.


5 thoughts on “Weekend race recap

  1. Sad that your running buddy didn’t make it. But it looks like there was a great turn-out, and based on the photos, it looks like everyone had a fun time!

  2. Fantastic photos from GOTR! I ran around Harriet on Saturday and looked for you (around 10:30a or so). What a great turnout! Also, how fun that you got to meet Erica! The three of us should bike sometime 🙂

    Your garden looks nice… what did you plant? And, wasn’t it a perfect evening to bike?!

    1. Thanks so much, Erin! Aww, yes I saw that you checked in over there — would have been fun to run into you 🙂 YES — we actually talked about the three of us biking sometime 🙂 that’d be so much fun.
      We planted some peppers, a few varieties of tomatoes, kale, butter lettuce and we have some cilantro, basil and parsley in an herb gardenon our patio 🙂

      PERFECT evening to bike. IT was amazing!

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