Memorial Day Weekend fun

It started with a ten-mile run on Friday and a Twins game Friday night!

I ran from my house along the river and then met a friend to run around one of the lakes and then ran home. Felt pretty great until the last mile or so. I was pretty crabby and every little ache annoyed me. But other than that, I was happy with my pace and feel pretty good about my half coming up.

Saturday morning we got up and made a quick trip up north to help my husband’s sister’s family move into their brand new house!

(Our nephew helping clean up — what a cutie!)

(Jesse installing door hardware)

We got back into town last night, so this morning I went on a fun run around the Lake with some friends!

The rest of the day today has been busy and we did a lot of landscaping work. Of course that included a trip to Menards. That parking lot is enough to make you want to start drinking immediately.

Now we’re off to enjoy the last little bit of the holiday weekend with some burgers and a beer (or two) 🙂 Happy Memorial Day everyone!

4 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend fun

  1. Amy

    I don’t know what Menard’s is, but I do know that our home improvement stores are pretty crazy on weekends, so I can imagine the parking lot! And your nephew is so cute! I love that those headphones are as big as he is!


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