Shut up!

I’ve calmed down a bit I think since last night but I’m still fuming. I got told to “shut up” last night. I don’t think this has happened since I was a child.

My workout got postponed until later than usual last night. Since I desperately needed new shoes, I had to run to Marathon Sports before they closed at 8 p.m. PS – I’m loving the new Aasics GT-2170s!

When I got home it was almost 8, so I hopped on my bike to get a few miles in before it got too late. Bike stats: 10:36 miles in 43:09.

Then, I quickly changed my shoes and headed back out the door.

About a half a mile into my run, the running/biking combined trail splits and there becomes two designated paths – one for biking and one for running/walking. Coming toward me on the trail was a mom and her daughter on their bikes. The daughter decided to take the running/walking trail.  While I was annoyed, I decided to ignore it and just run along the path on the grass to get out of her way. This would be fine, except she swerves and still almost hits me while on the WRONG path! I wouldn’t usually say anything, but I felt like this was really dangerous… So I look right at her and go “You do realize the bike path is over there (pointing), right?” She responded with a simple, “yeah.”

I went along my way and then I hear “Oh, shut up!” and it sounded like it came from the mom. Great parenting.

The only positive thing about this experience was that I ran out of anger which picked up my pace a bit the rest of the way!

Since it was getting late, I turned around and headed home just over a mile in. Run stats: 2.05 miles in 18:33.

The rest of this week I plan to get a few more runs in and some yoga this weekend. It’s a big week with some dinners with friends, the Girls on the Run silent auction on Thursday, and a bachelorette party that I’m hosting on Friday! Oh – looking forward to a bike ride on Saturday with Erin and Erica 🙂


4 thoughts on “Shut up!

  1. sweetsweat

    Wow. What is wrong with people?! But, I’m amazing at how many people use the wrong path. It’s not that difficult! Each is clearly marked.

    Love the new kicks!


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