When one rest day isn’t enough

As my half nears, I’m being extra cautious about making it to the start line injury-free. Because of this, earlier this week when I started noticing just how tired my legs were and some pain in my feet/ankles and knee, I decided to take a few days off from running…including National Running Day.

What’s the most surprising to me is that I’m actually OK with this decision. I’ve still be working out everyday, just not running. But tomorrow morning I’ll be heading out for my first run since Wednesday. Wish me luck! And it’ll be my last “long” run before the half.

Other plans for this week leading up to the race include abstaining from alcohol (after last night’s epic bachelorette party, I think this won’t be too difficult), getting lots of rest, and making smart running decisions.

Random question: has anyone ever gotten bruises from foam rolling?


2 thoughts on “When one rest day isn’t enough

  1. sweetsweat

    Good for you for listening to your body; it’s not always an easy thing to do! How was your run this morning?!

    My hamstring was lighty bruised after my first couple Graston technique treatments… so.painful.

    Can’t wait to cheer on Saturday!

    1. hyedi Post author

      I ran yesterday and it went pretty well. Legs felt more energized than they had been but I still had some foot/ankle discomfort. I think I’ll be taking it easy this week.

      Ack — I just can’t figure out where these bruises are coming from and that’s all I could come up with!

      Excited to see you on Sat!


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