Race day prep

It’s almost here! Two days from now I’ll have finished the Garry Bjorkland Half Marathon!

In preparation I’ve been starting to lay out all of my race gear and obsessively checking the weekend forecast for Duluth. (so far chance of thunderstorms and high of 69 degrees. OK by me!) This week I also have been eating pretty clean and have cut out alcohol (oh, except for Tuesday when I accidentally had a glass of wine. Oops — guess I forgot that wine is alcohol.) This was needed after a super fun bachelorette party weekend.

I got a new pillow on Monday which has really been improving my sleep quality!

It’s totally one of those infomercial things but my boss recommended it and I love it so far!

I’ve also sent my husband’s sister (who we’ll be staying with in their gorgeous new home!) my pre- and post-race meal requests! (pre-race request was two scrambled eggs and a cup of coffee.) I never know if I’m going to feel like eating much after a race or if I’m going to crave unhealthy food. It’s kind of a toss up.

Finally, I took a look, for my first time today, at the course map/elevation chart. Obviously I didn’t take this into account when training (I’m OK with that) but I was curious.

In terms of running, I ran an easy two miles last night and felt absolutely great. My legs felt very fresh so hopefully they’ll be good to go on Saturday. I just walked on the treadmill at the gym this morning and did some upper body work and have a rest day planned for tomorrow!

Besides running the race, I’m SUPER excited to see some familiar faces in Duluth! Let’s all MAKE SURE we meet up! Oh, and if you’re going to the Expo, grab me free stuff you think I’d like 🙂 I absolutely adore race expos and am bummed I will be missing it.

Happy Thursday, everyone!


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