I must be doing something right.

In the past, when I’ve run races (especially longer distances) it’s taken me awhile to recover and many post-race runs have been painful. I was usually undertrained for these races. This time around it’s been totally different.

Sunday, the day after the race, I walked a bit on the treadmill and did some stretching and foam rolling. Monday I had off of work so I went for a noon hour swim which was glorious! The pool was pretty empty so I just zoned out for 45 minutes. That afternoon I went for a much-needed massage.

I ran a pretty quick three miles on Tuesday and really felt very good. It was pretty hot and humid out even though I waited until 8 p.m. to head out. I also was recovering from a pretty horrendous and random migraine. So I’m happy that it went so well. I did another two easy miles today on the treadmill over lunch and I felt no indication that I raced 13.1 miles less than a week ago. Nice!

This weekend I’m heading back to my parents’  house in Wisconsin for a wedding reception they are throwing my husband and I for all of my family who we were either unable to invite or couldn’t attend our wedding last fall. I plan to get a long-ish run in with a childhood friend on Saturday. What a great way to catch up!

Triathlon training has been on my mind a lot lately. Anyone I talk to that I know has done a tri before I instantly start drilling with questions. But it’s with good reason – it’s only a month away tomorrow! In addition to making sure I really start focusing on getting some more swimming and biking and bricks in, I want to make sure I’m prepped with the right gear, etc.

Speaking of the right gear, I may or may not have splurged on this, this week 🙂 and I got an email today that it has shipped!


8 thoughts on “I must be doing something right.

  1. Amy

    I am about 100X more likely to take up bike riding now that Lulu has a bike line! Glad recovery went well, and Happy Wedding Part II!

  2. sweetsweat

    So glad to hear you’re feeling well post-race! Woot!

    Eek… I can’t believe Chisago is only a month away. Nervous! And, I am obsessively tracking my lululemon cycling shorts + jersey arrival… 🙂

    Enjoy your wedding reception this weekend!

      1. hyedi Post author

        I FINALLY didn’t order something in black! I went with the polka dots 🙂 if I get the regular jersey too I think I’ll get that in black

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