Workout recap

So I’ve been really bad about weekly workout recaps, but I’m attempting one for last week:

Monday: what a glorious evening for an 18-mile bike ride with a new(ish) friend! My friend/co-worker and I had been trying to go for a ride but our schedules just wouldn’t align. I decided to last minute text her and she happened to be free! We met on the Greenway and biked the lakes before heading down Minnehaha Parkway and back to my house. The weather was absolutely perfect.

Tuesday: a quick stress-relieving 5K after a long day at work!

Wednesday: We had a team work outing to a Twins game and it was HOT out! I limited myself to one beer (oh, and a whiskey ginger) because of the run I had scheduled for later in the evening. I definitely didn’t drink enough water though, because I developed quite the headache.

(oh, is there a baseball game going on?)

My friend and I waited until a bit after 7 p.m. to head out. The temp was still 90 degrees when we started but we had plenty of water with us and kept a very slow and easy pace and completed the four miles feeling pretty great! and my headache disappeared!

Thursday: rest day. Hit up the Midtown Global Market (my “happy place”) with my husband and father-in-law. It was my father-in-law’s first time experiencing the magic of the market. I happily visited the new-ish Left Handed Cook and ordered their version of poutine. Delicious!


Friday: Started the day with a blissful yoga session at Lake Harriet, led by my friend Megan!

(check out this view!)

Although it started out wonderful, it turned out to be another loooong day at work. So I headed to the gym and did 3 miles on the treadmill. I felt pretty good except that I ate my husband’s leftover spice lo mein for dinner before I ran and I felt like I had heartburn. (I’ve never had this feeling before!)

Saturday: Got in a strength training session at the gym before settling in on the couch for a quiet night at home with the dog and kitty. I tried out my take on a new recipe — sweet potato quesadillas from Carrots n Cake — by adding sweet onions from my CSA, fresh kale from my garden and goat cheese. I liked these so much I had them for lunch on Sunday too!

Sunday: Got up early to get in a nine mile run before it got hot out. I also had to get in one more gym workout for the week to make my Gym-pact. So I decided to run to the gym, run some more on the treadmill at the gym and then run home from the gym. It worked pretty well! I had told  a friend that I’d go with her to the outdoor Yoga in the Park that Corepower puts on, so I quickly showered and grabbed a protein shake before heading back out the door to make it in time.

By the time the class started, it was HOT. And I had never done yoga immediately following a run, so I was a little worried about how it would go. It ended up being great!

Shortly after I got home and was cleaning the house, my allergies started really acting up. I had some symptoms all week but for the remainder of the day I sneezed nonstop and developed a really bad sore throat.

This week looks like I’ll be doing mostly indoor workouts. The hot, humid weather and poor air quality does not make me want to do much outside. At least I’ll get my Gym-pact workouts in early in the week for once!

In other exciting news, I finally broke down and bought a pair of sunglasses for running/cycling. No more weird looks for wearing my Marc Jacobs aviators under my helmet! 🙂 (Although it always made me laugh to myself.)


3 thoughts on “Workout recap

  1. Yuck. Your weather does not sound like much fun at all! And neither do your allergies. However, that meal looks amazing! I’ve never heard of poutine before, but I think I must try some!

    1. It’s delicious! However, this poutine was much different than the traditional poutine I’ve had elsewhere 🙂 Both are delicious!

  2. 1) Ugh… I was at that Twins game, too, and got super sunburned! 2) I’m envious of your TWO outdoor yoga sessions! So fun! 3) Hope your allergies are better! 4) Yay for new sunglasses… though I would argue it’s hard for Marc Jacobs aviators to look weird anywhere you wear ’em 🙂

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