Rough week

Happy Friday!

Man, this week has been a struggle. I need another vacation ASAP.

I came down with something immediately after returning from Boston and still don’t feel 100%. I’ve also started experiencing some weird leg pains in parts of my legs that have never hurt before. My husband is also experiencing this — maybe from all of the walking on cobblestone roads in Boston???? Work has been extremely busy, as has Girls on the Run! What I’m basically saying is that I’m making excuses for not getting as many miles in as I should have this week.

But I have 15 miles to look forward to tomorrow morning! And surprisingly, I’m feeling pretty good about it. I’m going to get in a good meal tonight and get to bed early. I haven’t had any alcohol this week, except for one drink at the Desaparecidos show I went to last night (oh Conor Obest, how I love you). I plan to keep an easy pace and just get it done!

Sunday I’m hoping to cheer on the YWCA triathlon racers and then my parents are coming into town for dinner to celebrate my brother’s and my birthdays!


5 thoughts on “Rough week

  1. sweetsweat

    I was wondering where you’ve been this week! Your twitter feed has been quiet 🙂 Good call on relaxing tonight… hope you’re feeling 100 percent tomorrow! And, have a fantastic 15-miler in the morning!

    And, dang, I hear ya… I need a vacation is the worst possible way :-/

    1. hyedi Post author

      I know — I started thinking that I hadn’t heard from certain people or seen them on twitter recently…and then I realized it wasn’t them…it was me!

      Also, how was Coldplay?!

  2. Amy

    Walking on cobblestone is no joke. I hope you are feeling better, and I hope 15 miles went well. 15 miles is no joke either. When is your marathon again?


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