Weddings are fun. Puking dogs are not.

Side note: I’m LOVING this post on my friend Erin’s blog right now.

So the weekend started off interesting — my husband was up all night with my dog who kept throwing up on Friday night/Saturday morning 😦 So I skipped my long run to watch my dog to decide whether or not we needed to bring him into the vet. (He’s much better now!)

So yesterday ended up being a rest day. I ran some errands and then my friends came over and split a cab with my husband and I to my good friend’s wedding. And what an AMAZING wedding it ended up being! I knew it was going to be pretty fabulous, but it seriously was one of the best weddings I’ve ever been to.

The gorgeous couple.

They are so cool.

My table number with my Twitter handle!

After an epic night of dancing and a few too many glasses of wine and whiskey, we hit up Mesa Pizza (I felt like I was in college again!) and then, get this…TEXTED to order a cab to get home! I’ve been hearing about texting for cabs from my friend who lives in L.A., but I had no idea we had this service in the Twin Cities. It worked like a charm.

This morning was NOT fun but I finally got my butt out the door around 9 a.m. to meet a friend for 12 miles. We have been both plagued with annoying injuries lately so we took it pretty slow with some walk breaks but both felt pretty happy about how it went! Gotta be cautious since I have 18 miles next weekend and then I signed up for a 20 mile race the weekend after.

Beautiful scenery!

My friend that I ran with this morning lives right next to one of the big farmer’s markets in the Cities, so we hit that up after our run. (sorry to the farmers market-goers who had to deal with our sweatiness!) I got this amazingly delicious bad decision:

(bacon-wrapped hot dog with BBQ sauce and coleslaw)

..and a Cherry coke. Don’t fight the cravings!

I made a quick trip to the grocery store to get the rest of the stuff I  needed to make my CSA-inspired tomatillo salsa chicken enchiladas. Delicious! Recipe here if you want to try it.

Now off to dread Mondays as I typically do.


3 thoughts on “Weddings are fun. Puking dogs are not.

  1. sweetsweat

    Awww, thanks, friend! You’re so sweet 🙂

    Good for you for running 12 post wedding celebrations! Whiskey would have flattened me for a couple days (which is why I always avoid it!). That hotdog looks incredible… Nate Dogs?

    Hope Cole is feeling better! And, argh for Mondays! They’ve been tough for me lately, too. But, let’s make it a great day! 🙂

    1. hyedi Post author

      It was some other hot dog stand….can’t remember the name but it’s always by the St. Paul Farmers Market! 🙂

      Happy Monday!


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