New Garmin + 18 miles

I’m so excited, I just ordered a new Garmin!!

Let me clarify – I’m not excited that my old Garmin died and that I had to pay money for a new one; rather, I’m excited about getting a super cute new one that seems like it will be pretty nice. I did a lot of research and have been waiting for this one to be released. It’s SUPER basic, but seems to have just the right amount of features for me. I’ll be sure to write a review once I receive it in 2-3 WEEKS!

I think I may have had a turning point in my “feeling sorry for myself” marathon training. This week has been especially tiring and busy, so the last thing I wanted to do after work yesterday was go lead a training clinic. Plus, it’s gotten hot out again all of a sudden. However, the run plus my group’s enthusiasm and progress made me feel amazing! I’m co-leading the first-time 10K-ers group (10+ min/mi). This was only the third week of training, but my group ran 4 miles without stopping and did it with smiles on their faces! It’s so refreshing running with “new” runners, too J Plus, it was fun talking about marathon training with them and having them be so in awe of what I’ve started to take for granted.

I have my marketing committee meeting for Girls on the Run tonight after work and then plan to get a run in after. Then, I plan to cross train tomorrow and take Friday completely off in preparation for 18 MILES ON SATURDAY!!! AHHHH!!

In preparation for the 18 miles I am doing the following:

1)      Trying to map a good route (any suggestions?)

2)      Scheduling a post-18 mile massage

3)      Forcing myself to be semi-“good” at the State Fair on Friday so I’m not sick to my stomach the entire run on Saturday morning

I’m a little bummed that my package has run out for the Barre classes I was taking. I’m thinking of creating my own little Barre studio in my basement! I feel like the core and glute strengthening especially was really benefitting my running.


4 thoughts on “New Garmin + 18 miles

  1. A few things… 1) Hooray for a new Garmin! 2) I didn’t know you lead a training group! Good for you. Which one? 3) Maybe we’ll bump into you a the fair; we’re going tomorrow night, too. I need to eat fairly well, too, as I think we’re gonna bike a century on Saturday. 4) You will rock your 18-miler! Maybe a route that involves river road + summit?

    1. 1) yayyyy I’m so excited and hope it gets here sooner than they estimated!
      2) Thanks 🙂 It’s one that HealthPartners puts on for their employees. It’s been a cool experience so far.
      3) That would be fun! I think I should wear a pedometer while I’m there! OMG that’s so cool that you’re going for a century ride! I can’t wait to hear about it.
      4) Thanks! I think that’s a great idea. I’d like to incorporate some of the actual marathon route into the run!

      1. I hope so, too… can’t wait to read your review! Really cool… love that your office is active and organizes things like that 🙂 Ooo… great idea to wear a pedometer! Since I’m not racing on Saturday like I originally planned (though this was a loose plan), I thought a century would be fun!

      2. Oh that’s right — I forgot you were possibly going to race this weekend! Well have fun on the ride 🙂

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