Labor Day Weekend Fun

After a long day of walking around at the fair, my alarm went off on Saturday morning at 6 a.m.

(lots of people on a Friday at the State Fair!)

I had two scrambled eggs with a piece of GF toast and a cup of coffee. Then, before my socks went on, I smothered Vaseline on my toes where I had been getting blisters. Next, came the BodyGlide.


I wore my new Lulu tank, courtesy of my team at work. Yay birthday presents! and I was worried about chafing. My friend and I drove to Mile 8 of the marathon course to run the last 18 miles.

Right away I could tell it wasn’t going to be an easy 18 miles. My legs and feet were tired and my knee was bothering me too. Basically, I felt like I usually do at mile 10, but we were barely at mile 2. Plus, my friend’s stomach was giving her issues. We were quite the pair.

However, the Women’s Rock race was going on and our paths crossed at one point. That was a fun distraction. I loved this banner that was along the course:

Around mile 14 or so, my friend needed to walk so I took her Garmin and finished the last four miles on my own. I was able to pick up the pace and get it done feeling pretty strong! However, when I got to the finish, where my husband and dog were waiting for me, I was so excited to get off of my feet.

After a nap and some icing, I was almost too excited for my massage.

I’ve been going to see my massage therapist for the past eight months or so and it’s paying off. We can save a lot of time because he knows my muscles and issues I have, etc. we focused on my legs and feet and I left feeling pretty great.

Yesterday was Bathroom Tiling Day.

After a few hours, my husband and I decided that it was time for a break. So we hopped on our bikes and did a great 18.81 mile loop.

Today I’m going to enjoy not being at work and prepping for my second Whole30! We might also go see Moonrise Kingdom. Anyone else see it?

Happy Labor Day!


7 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend Fun

  1. sweetsweat

    Congrats on your 18-miler, Hyedi! Love that your work got you a lulu tank for your birthday… they know you well and are super sweet 🙂

    Super jealous of your massage. I really need to incorporate that into my regular routine.

    The bathroom tile looks fantastic! And, hooray for a great bike ride… the weekend weather was perfect for riding!

  2. Amy

    Fantastic mileage weekend! You are so close! I can tell you know that the longer runs ARE getting easier.

    I left my body glide at home for this vacation, and I chaffed in the worst way during our 20 miler. Like in places I didn’t even know I could chafe. Glad you fared better!


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