Get Ready to Rock 20 mile: race recap

After five days on the Whole30, I can happily say that I slept through the ENTIRE night without waking up once. This does not happen to me. Ever. So this morning, when I woke at 5:55 a.m., a few minutes before my alarm was going to go off, I happily got up and let the dogs out.

Holy moly it was a brisk morning! I immediately began to rethink my race clothing decision (a tank and shorts) and threw on a long sleeve tech tee over my tank, but kept the shorts in favor of crops. I also packed my race chip, bib number, yurbuds, a hat, armwarmers, Jen’s Garmin (thanks, Jen!), my spibelt and the knee strap I bought yesterday (just in case).

Breakfast was coffee and a two-ingredient pancake with two eggs and topped with AB and blueberries. Surprised? πŸ™‚

I left right at 7 a.m. and got to White Bear Lake High School around 7:30. I stayed in my warm car for awhile, decided to lose the long sleeve T and skip the armwarmers and then headed to the start line around 7:50.

I couldn’t find the 3:30 pacer, so I lined up next to the very friendly 3:40 group which ended up being a great decision. After the singing of the National Anthem — we were off!

My pacers were Naomi and Julie and it was their first time pacing, but they did great! The course was a loop through town and then two loops around the lake. It was flat and gorgeous. The houses on the lake were so much fun to look at and the constant changing of scenery kept me distracted. The course was also really well-supported with water and GU right when you needed it. Not many spectators (it was a super small race) and they didn’t shut down all of the roads, but there wasn’t too much traffic, so not a big deal.

(thanks for taking the pic, Naomi!)

No knee issues until around mile ten, but even then it was nothing like last weekend, just more annoying than anything. I’m hoping I can return the knee strap I bought.

Then, I hit my wall at mile 17.5. If it wasn’t for the mini-celebration when we hit mile 18 (yay, Hyedi has never run this far before!) I’m not sure I would’ve gotten to the finish. And while I had the energy and FELT strong, my body was protesting in every way and I felt soreness in places I had never been sore before. But I crossed the finish line in 3:36 and I still kind of can’t believe I ran that far. I’m not sure that I have another one of those in my before the marathon (I wasn’t planning on running any other 20+ long runs) but I know it would be a good idea because those last six miles are gonna be TOUGH.

I told my husband to skip this race and to stay home to work on the bathroom remodel project he/we have going on, so that meant driving myself home. Booooooo. I made us baked portabella mushrooms from a recipe I found on Pinterest and cut up some avocado and heated up leftover roasted sweet potato to go with it. Then, it was time for a nap — but my sore legs were too distracting to sleep. So I decided to roll, ice and now I’m blogging.

Hope everyone has a fun Saturday night! I have a feeling mine will be pretty low key πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “Get Ready to Rock 20 mile: race recap

  1. Amy

    Awesome job! So sorry that I missed that you were doing a race! I’m pretty nervous about the last 6 miles too. So far I’m ending 20 feeling strong, but the whole unknown is terrifying, and I’ve heard 20-24 is when people start losing it.

    We are so close!

    1. hyedi Post author

      No worries! Thanks πŸ™‚

      You’re a week out from starting your taper, right? What kind of mileage are you doing between now and then?

      Happy birthday week!!

      1. Amy

        Thank you! I think this will be my highest mileage week…probably between 50-55 miles (20/10 this weekend) depending on how many miles I get in during speed workouts. Should be fun! πŸ˜›

  2. sweetsweat

    Congrats on a fantastic 20-miler, Hyedi! You totally rocked it and are more than ready for TC Marathon! So excited for you! Indeed, the last six miles are tough, but after running 20, you can – and will! – run another six!

    Also, that’s great you’re feeling better and sleeping soundly thanks to Whole30! Hope this week’s going well πŸ™‚

    1. hyedi Post author

      Thanks so much, Erin! I hope you’re week is going well also! Whole30-wise it’s going really well, but I definitely didn’t feel like cooking/doing dishes last night so opted for Whole30-approved Chipotle!

  3. Cristy DLC

    Hyedi, I totally understand your feeling about not being sure you can go to 20 miles the first time out that far! I was running with friends for my first 20, but if I hadn’t I might have called it quits at mile 18. Though the last 6.2 will be tough, you have trained well and the enthusiasm & encouragement of the crowd at TCM will help you get it done. So excited for your upcoming marathon!

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