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Whole30 eats: day 5



Payday meant a trip to TJs and Whole Foods!


Onions sauteeing in coconut oil.


Mmm chocolate chili. You wish you could smell my house right now.


Cocoa roasted cauliflower. Notice a theme in tonight’s dinner?


Whipped up a batch of homemade olive oil mayo. And it turned out!!


Grassfed beef on sale at Whole Foods! Today only. Apparently a local WF ran out of 800 lbs by 5 p.m.!

Night, all! Bed early to race 20 miles in the morning!


5 thoughts on “Whole30 eats: day 5

  1. Yep, such a killer deal for the grass-fed beef! I definitely bought some, and loved how it was on display in literally every corner of the store!

  2. Cocoa roasted cauliflower is delicious! And, your mayo looks perfect… do you think a Vitamix would work to make it?

    Eight-hundred pounds?! Whoa.

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