Recovery + Whole30 week one

Week one of the Whole30 is done! Success!

Sunday I started off the day with brunch with my friend who is also doing the Whole30. I had a Groupon for one of my fave brunch places, but it was much more interesting going there for brunch while on the Whole30! The Groupon included bottomless mimosas or bloodys but we opted for sparkling water. Which cost us extra $$$. Go figure.


We got a few groceries (of course) after brunch and then I headed to the gym to walk, stretch and foam roll. The I spent a few minutes in the sauna, a quick rinse off and then headed to my massage appointment.

My husband and I got some more tiles up in the Great Bathroom Remodel project and then I started dinner. I made the Ginger Lime grilled shrimp from Well Fed and some sweet potato “chips.”

Last night I was on Pinterest and was inspired to throw some stuff in my Crock Pot. Based on this recipe, I grabbed some chicken breasts out of the freezer and threw them into the CrockPot, added a can of coconut milk, chicken broth, a garlic clove, diced tomatoes, garlic salt and Italian seasoning. I set it on low before I went to bed and woke up to an amazing smelling house.

This week’s lunches have been a nice break from salads.

Tonight when I got home from another chaotic day at work, I felt like breakfast for dinner — Whole30 style. So again, I consulted Pinterest and made this sweet potato skillet.

(not as pretty as on Pinterest)

It was ground turkey, chopped sweet potato, grated Fuji apple, AllSpice and garlic. Then I cracked four eggs on top and stuck in under the broiler for five minutes. Delicious!

I haven’t run since the 20-miler on Saturday. My legs have felt like lead and to be honest, I’ve just been so drained from work. But I went to a 1.5 mile walk with the dog tonight and I’m determined to get a run in both of the next two days.


3 thoughts on “Recovery + Whole30 week one

  1. sweetsweat

    Fantastic recipes ideas! We made a similar breakfast-for-dinner last night… chorizo + grated sweet potato + spinach + scrambled eggs + smoked Gouda. Love one pot meals!

    Nothing wrong with a few rest days… your legs will thank you 🙂


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