I’m officially sick.

I. had, no. warning. Usually I can feel something coming on, but I literally woke up in the middle of the night two nights ago with a terrible sore throat, unable to breathe and it’s only gotten worse.

This past weekend, however, was nice and relaxing. We headed up to the cabin Friday late morning after a five mile run on the treadmill at the gym and a stop at the in-laws to drop off the pup.

Our cabin is actually my husband’s family’s cabin and I had never been up there past Labor Day. We quickly decided we’d be making more Fall trips to the cabin in the future. The weather was perfect and the colors were starting to change. Just lovely.

Since I ran before I left and planned to run when we got back into town, the ladies and I took a nice 2.36 mile walk on a gorgeous trail.

It was a quick trip this year so before we knew it, it was time to head home.

Since I didn’t get my fitness discount last month (I didn’t make it to the gym 12 times) I decided to do my ten miles on the treadmill when we got back into town. Since the treadmill only goes to 99 minutes and I walked for awhile to warm up, I decided to end the run at 9.5. Still — not bad!

My training has been thrown off due to getting sick, and it’s making me nervous. To further complicate things, I’m racing a 5K this weekend! A loooong time ago, I signed up for the Cloquet River Run — a race I did a few years ago and one that my husband is hoping to place in this year! I did not think about how it was going to fall on a weekend just a few weeks away from the marathon.

But we’re staying with my sister-in-law’s family, so that will be super fun. And I’m secretly hoping that I might PR even though I definitely don’t want to push myself.

Bed early — even though I slept all afternoon. Think healthy thoughts for me!


4 thoughts on “Sick.

  1. Amy

    Oh no! It seems to be a nationwide epidemic. Sending healthy thoughts your way! Glad you had a good weekend, and good luck on your 5-K this weekend. Hopefully you feel better by then.

  2. sweetsweat

    Oh, boo 😦 Hope you’re feeling better in no time! Sending you healthy vibes 🙂

    Your cabin looks amazing! Pretty sure I’d be up there every single weekend until it snowed!

    Good luck at the 5K this weekend!


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