Tapering anxiety + giveaway preview

It’s so weird to flip the page in my planner to next week and see ”TC Marathon” written (and highlighted)!! It feels like forever ago that I wrote that in there.

Yesterday, my friend Kris sent me this article: https://www.tcmevents.org/blog/2012/09/24/145/mile_motivation_monday

What a cool mile-by-mile break down of the course. It actually made me feel better about the race, it made it seem more doable.

I’m really struggling with my tapering, mentally. This is way worse, in my opinion, than the super high mileage weeks. I am paranoid that I’m not running enough/running too much. And omg how much strength training do I do? It’s all that I’ve been Google-ing lately.

Yesterday, I got a couple of miles in on the treadmill before I headed to the training clinic to lead my last running group. It was a brisk night and it was a small group, so I got in five miles at a really nice pace! It felt great.

Other preparation over the week and a half includes no sweets, limited dairy, no alcohol, (I’ve started putting other food groups back into my diet that I took out for the Whole30) lots of foam rolling and stretching, getting enough sleep and trying to decide what I’m going to wear! I’m tentatively going to wear this tank I bought at the new Athleta opening because part of the proceeds went to Girls on the Run.

I’ve got a busy week/weekend ahead so I’m glad I’ve been able to get some run time in early this week. I  have a doctor appointment that I’m strangely excited for (yay for FINALLY having a “real” doctor!), a call with our new website vendor for Girls on the Run to kick off our website redesign, the Healthy Minnesota Communities in Action event, my husband’s work’s 5K (thanks again for signing up, Erin!), lunch with my BFF who’s in from LA, HAIRCUT/COLOR(!!!), my spin studio’s grand opening party and our Girls on the Run Board retreat on Sunday. Whew!

Oh! And some exciting news: I will be hosting my first ever giveaway VERY soon! The amazing ladies at New York City-based Naked Sports Gear are sending me one of their sports bras to review and then I’ll be able to give one away! So I will need your help promoting this and of course, you should enter!

Hope you’re all having a good week!


9 thoughts on “Tapering anxiety + giveaway preview

  1. Amy

    We are having the exact same thoughts today! I’m having a mild anxiety attack, and I can’t resort to all the things I normally do (drink, eat my feelings, or run)! I don’t remember the last time I actually had to calm my own self down. Thanks for making me feel a lot less crazy!

    Just 11 more days!!!!

  2. Angela

    Hyedi, I love this post. That is great how you touch on running as a way to combat anxiety! I have struggled with anxiety, and now that I am back into running and training for a marathon again, it seriously helps me manage it.

    You are an inspiration, my dear, in how you lead your life–a constant pursuit of healthiness. Miss you much, and I’ll be thinking of you and cheering you on from Houston next weekend!

    1. hyedi Post author

      Thanks, Ang! I’m so happy to hear that you’re using running to help manage stress/anxiety/life. I’m excited to hear all about your training! You’ll have to do another guest blog for me!

      Miss you a TON. We’ll have to Face Time after the marathon 🙂

  3. sweetsweat

    Ahhhh… just enjoy the taper! You’ve logged the miles and put in all the hard training work. You’re READY! And, enjoy your week… sounds like a fantastic one (BTW… I also desperately need my hair cut + colored!) 🙂

    Excited to see you on Saturday at the 5K! Thanks again for letting me know about it!

    Oh, and where do you spin?!

    1. hyedi Post author

      I’m trying to enjoy the taper! 🙂 Come hang out and chat with Jesikah and I! My appt is at 2:30 😉

      I’m excited to see you, too. It should be a good time — and nice weather, it looks like!

      Revolution Cycle in NE (formerly 501SPIN)!

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