Giveaway: Get Naked!

GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED! And the winner is….WHITNEY of Racing the States!!

“I liked your Facebook page and shared your giveaway! I also went to their Facebook page! I want to win a bra because , well, those look super comfy to run in!”

Congratulations, Whitney!

(photo courtesy of Naked Sports Gear)

Naked Sports Gear, a New York City-based athletic apparel company, offers the avid outdoor athlete one of a kind sports apparel that is tan through and moisture-wicking.

Katie Sue and Reilly of Naked Sports Gear sent me a Naked Sports Bra last week to try out — and I swear, this bra was made specifically with me in mind. I tan REALLY easily and never think much of it until I put on a strapless dress (like I did many times this summer for all of the weddings I had!) and have these very noticeable weird lines. This bra solves that problem.

The first thing I noticed about this bra as I went to put it on, it didn’t have much “give” and I thought it wasn’t going to fit. However, I got it on and it fit PERFECTLY. It’s supportive without being restricting and really hardly felt like I was wearing one at all!

Plus, I love their color options. AND the embroidery on the back is super cute.

I don’t really run in just my sports bra, so I’m definitely interested in their new tanks that they just released. And maybe I could talk my husband into the golf shirts? Not sure he cares about tan lines though 🙂

The only thing I’ve have to say is that I’m pretty small-chested so I can’t really speak to how supportive their bras are for you ladies who need more support.

And one more thing to note, the Naked Sports Bra comes with a reminder that you apply a good water/sweat resistant SPF underneath the apparel and other exposed body parts and that reapplication is key.

So, now is YOUR chance to get NAKED! The very cool women behind Naked Sports Gear is giving one of you the chance to win a Naked Sports Bra of your own! All you have to do to enter

  1. Post a comment in the comments section telling me why you want to win a bra.
  2. For an extra entry “like” NSG on Facebook and post on their wall about the giveaway and which color is your favorite OR follow NSG on Twitter and tweet about the giveaway, including their Twitter handle in the tweet.
  3.  For another extra entry, head on over to the newly created Finding a Balance Facebook page, like it, and share the giveaway on your own wall.

(For the extra entries, you should leave another comment letting me know you did so.)

Giveaway closes at 11:59 p.m. CST Monday, October 8 and I’ll choose a random winner on Tuesday. Good luck!


19 thoughts on “Giveaway: Get Naked!

  1. Kristen

    Obviously I would like a bra, so I can Look Good Naked! 🙂 Working out while getting an even tan- that’s what I call that effective multi-tasking.

  2. supersweater

    I would love to get one of these! They are super cute and I think it is awesome to have the option to not get awesome looking sports bra tan lines! 🙂

  3. supersweater

    I went crazy and did twitter, facebook and shared the giveaway! I would to try these I saw them not too long ago and thought they were so cool! Thx Hyedi!

  4. Maria Swicki

    I would love to have one in every color… I do have a green and orange… I really want the tank shirt to wear at the gym…

  5. Andrea A.

    This is great! I would love to win one because I am in desparate need of some new workout clothes, sports bras included!

  6. Kate

    My ultimate goal since FOREVER is to work up the courage — and abs! — for a bra-as-shirt run! A super cute bra to do it in = extra motivation. 🙂

  7. Audra Smith

    Very Cool Hyedi!! These look super comfy!! On my way to having another baby next month… eeks!! Already preparing for losing baby weight and then some.. lol! Not so sure that I’d be taking advantage of the “no tan line” aspect right away 😉


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