TC Marathon race recap: part two (and Naked giveaway winner)

The second half of the marathon was unreal. I still felt great and I knew that if I was going to pick up the pace, the time to do it was between miles 14-19. Flat course and near my house, so I was already familiar with it. I started passing quite a few runners and kept my pace right around 10 min/mi.

One of the highlights of the race was mile 17 where my family and a lot of friends were waiting for me. I knew they would be there, but the moment I saw them will be unforgettable! I handed J my arm warmers and gloves and grabbed a GU from him and kept on going!

Nothing had really prepared me for Summit Ave. The crowds that lined the street were amazing and I can honestly say that the notorious hills didn’t bother me at all. In fact, the first time I started feeling bad was just after mile 22. I had been noticing my knees for some time, but they were really aching at this point and my calves felt like they were on the verge of cramping. But I was kind of in a daze and somehow I kept putting one foot in front of the other. I skipped the last water stop at mile 25. (It was so exciting to see Elen cheering me on at mile 25 — that was definitely exactly what I needed at that very moment!)

As soon as I saw the Mile 26 plume, I could feel tears spring to my eyes. And I knew I would be a mess after I crossed the finish line. I started to pick up my pace (whoa — where did that come from?) and as the finish line drew nearer, my friends and family reappeared, shouting my name every few feet! I crossed the finish line and as the medal went around my neck and the heat blanket was wrapped around me, I started what sounded like a weird whimper/sob (I swear, I have NO idea what was going on.) In a daze, I took a water bottle, bag of chips and a banana and somehow made it into the Corporate Team Challenge tent to pick up my sweats bag. In the tent, I also ended up with a delicious-looking veggie wrap (although I don’t quite remember taking it and I DEFINITELY didn’t feel like eating it)

I went back outside and sat down in the grass and was about to call my husband when I somehow spotted them standing a few feet away! I got the text message that Jen had crossed the 24 mile mark so somehow I got back to my feet and stumbled back towards the finish line. It was so exciting to see Jen come down the chute to the finish!

Mile 1: 9:44 (I think downtown Mpls was interfering with the satellites and messing with my Garmin)
Mile 2: 10:55
Mile 3: 11:19
Mile 4: 10:57
Mile 5: 11:34
Mile 6: 11:26
Mile 7: 11:15
Mile 8: 11:00
Mile 9: 11:05
Mile 10: 11:37
Mile 11: 12:26
Mile 12: 11:20
Mile 13: 11:36
Mile 14: 11:00
Mile 15: 10:12
Mile 16: 9:54
Mile 17: 9:52 (can you tell I knew my family was waiting for me just ahead? I couldn’t wait to get there!)
Mile 18: 9:51
Mile 19: 10:23
Mile 20: 10:23
Mile 21: 10:18
Mile 22: 10:23
Mile 23: 10:40
Mile 24: 10:49
Mile 25: 10:22
Mile 26: 10:22

According to my Garmin, I went 26.66 miles…I’m an overachiever, obvs.

uh oh. If I was looking at this website today, should I be worried?

Finally…the winner of the Naked Sports Bra giveaway is Whitney of Racing the States! Congratulations, Whitney! Email me at and I’ll let you know what information I need from you!

Thanks, everyone, for entering 🙂 I hope to have more fun giveaways in the future.


7 thoughts on “TC Marathon race recap: part two (and Naked giveaway winner)

  1. sweetsweat

    Another great recap of part two! I was amazed at all the crowds on Summit, so can only imagine how cool it was running the race. And, I can totally relate to all the emotion… tears always well up near the end of big races and I have to fight to hold them back 🙂 Heck, I got emotional just watching the marathon on Sunday!

    Congrats on an incredible accomplishment, marathoner! You’re inspiring me to want to sign up for another one 🙂

  2. Amy

    Hooray! It sounds like you had a really good support system and a really good first marathon! All of your race pictures look fun (you don’t look like you want to die in any of them! Bonus points!). And your 26.6 miles makes me 26.3 look weak. MOST EXCELLENT JOB!

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