Twin Cities Marathon race recap: part one

(I’m breaking this into two parts so maybe you will read the entire thing! Part 2 and the Naked Sports Bra winner to come later this morning!)

My alarm went off at 5:40 a.m. and I got up, got ready and made my two-ingredient pancake with almond butter and blueberries. I took the dog outside and the cold, crisp air literally took my breath away. I immediately started to panic about what I was going to wear for the race. Jen arrived at my house at 6:50 and J drove us to the start line at the Metrodome in downtown Minneapolis.

When we got there, we headed inside the Metrodome to use the bathrooms, stay warm and make our final outfit decisions. I decided on capris, a tank top with a long sleeve and T over it with my arm warmers, a headband and gloves. (this entire time, I was feeling myself getting nervous, with my stomach doing flips. This is not usual for me before a race) we stuffed the clothes we didn’t end up wearing into my sweats bag and dropped it off at the sweats check. Then, we headed to Corral 2 for the start, right around 7:50.

The nice thing about such a huge race was that I never felt cold waiting for the gun to go off. We stood, waiting for Corral 2 to start (3 minutes after Corral 1) and then before I knew it, we were off!

Running through downtown Minneapolis never gets old. It’s just so cool to experience it in that way. I even saw one of my friends cheering on runners as we headed out of downtown!

The first few miles truly were a blur. There was plenty of crowd support — and they were very energetic even at that hour! I felt great this entire time. Jen and I kept a nice, easy conversational piece and just enjoyed the great running weather and crowds. After my friend Megan in downtown Minneapolis, we spotted my friend Bri near the Lakes! Then, Jen’s dad was around mile 8, Jen’s husband Dave a couple of miles after that and then Jen and Mandy (with a sign with our faces on it) near mile 12. (you guys ROCK!)

After we crossed the mats at the 13.1 mark, Jen and I gave each other a hug and parted ways. It was sad to split up, but it was awesome to run together for the first half!


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