What’s next?

Well, for starters, I already bought myself a congratulatory present. (New Lululemon tank.)

Oh, and I signed up for another race. (The ten mile.) Does anyone have any costume ideas?

Race photos and the finishing/course video from the marathon are now posted online and I’m actually tempted to order one!

As far as marathon-recovery goes, I started feeling back-to-normal yesterday. Besides some stretching and some really slow walking on Monday, I basically took the day completely off. Tuesday, I took the dog for a 1.3-ish mile walk and yesterday I did some light upper body work at the gym. I’m planning to try a run on Sunday – just a short one. And I’m actually looking forward to it!

Exciting things ahead: splurging on the tasting menu at Heidi’s with some of my favorite people, parents coming into town this weekend for a BIG surprise and I’m attending a social media in healthcare conference next week!

Hope you’re all having a good week!


14 thoughts on “What’s next?

  1. Cindy

    I’m totally making a tutu and dressing as a ballerina for the monster dash 5K! I wanted to still be able to wear running tights and be somewhat comfortable. And, who doesn’t love a good reason to make a tutu? 🙂

  2. sweetsweat

    Perfect recovery week (especially the lulu tank 😉 )!

    I’ve gone back and forth on Monster Dash… it’s such a fun run, but we have a wedding in Fargo that night, so not sure I could squeeze it in… unless I run really fast!

  3. Shantarella

    Only recently started following your blog…but I also just did my first marathon and I’m a bit like whats next… I’ve been busy this morning signing myself up for a couple of other half marathons till I can figure out which marathon I want to conquer next 😉


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