Fall Into Wellness Workshop

This workshop was the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

My friend Megan invited me to this awhile back and I was looking forward to it ever since. With a description like this, how could I resist?

Join 3 health-minded ladies as they share their passion and expertise in yoga, holistic health coaching, and juicing (veggies) for this fun and informative workshop!

The workshop started with Megan guiding us though a vinyasa yoga class. The studio space the workshop was being held in was intimate and lovely. The class was very relaxing and just what my tight, post-marathon muscles needed.

After some yoga, Jamee, of Thriving Life Now! talked about her integrative approach to holistic wellness coaching and how food heals. She explained the concept of primary & secondary foods (something totally new to me) and why fad diets don’t work. I plan to interview and feature Jamee in an upcoming post where she can share more details about this and her interesting story about how she got into wellness coaching!

The workshop ended with Heather of The Juice Works letting us sample her amazing fresh-pressed, cleansing green juice, carrot, and also beet juices. I’m not kidding you when I say these were DE-licious! I think one of her juice cleanses will be in my future. I also plan to do a future more in-depth post about Heather and the company she owns with her husband AND this cool thing called the Aerial Collective.
The rest of my Saturday has consisted of some strength training at the gym and cleaning out my inbox. I had planned to go for a bike ride after the gym, but after a couple of weeks off, my legs were sore from lunges and squats today. I have my first “long run” after the marathon planned for tomorrow — 8 miles. Monster Dash is next weekend already!

6 thoughts on “Fall Into Wellness Workshop

  1. sweetsweat

    This event sounds awesome! I wish I would have known about it! I’d love to hear more about the juice cleanse, too 🙂

    Have a fantastic run tomorrow morning! And, we *really* need to get coffee one of these days!

    1. hyedi Post author

      That is totally my fault! I should have thought to tell you about it 🙂 YES — I’m in LOVE with these juices. It might be a good post-holidays thing to do?

      Thank you! How was your run today? Yes, yes, yes. Let’s do it! Are you busy all day tomorrow? Email me!

      1. sweetsweat

        No worries! There will be another we can go to 🙂

        Totally post-holiday juice IN!

        Nixed the run and went for a bike ride instead… gotta soak up the sunshiny cycling weather before it snows! I’m helping my sister with photo shoots tomorrow… not sure what time I’ll be done! Run this week?!

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