Whirlwind week.

What a week. Whirlwind is the most fitting word to describe it.

Monday and Tuesday was busy busy with a Girls on the Run meeting and long work days to prepare for being out of the office. At home, we are also remodeling our master bathroom, and spent Monday and Tuesday evenings ripping out the floor tiles, vanity and toilet. Oh, and repairing the water pipe that was accidentally cut. Lots of fun.

On Wednesday and Thursday I was in Rochester for the Ragan/Mayo Clinic Health Care Social Media Summit.

It was a great conference, with really quality speakers. Including Lindsey, the girl who made a YouTube video asking Joseph Gordon Levitt out on a date. She’s so cool.

On top of everything, Monday, I felt a sore throat coming on and by Wednesday it was a full blown cold. Still, I got in a couple of runs while at the conference. It was fun to check out the city that way. The first run was Wednesday evening and my friend and I took it at a nice, slow pace doing 3.1 miles in about 36 minutes. It felt great! The next morning I got up and attempted another 3.1. I had every intention of pushing myself — but in doing so, I only got in 2.85 (in 26 minutes). My cold had gotten worse and I think my legs were still tired from the night before. Still glad to have gotten in the run though!

This weekend was blissfully low key, which was what I needed to recover from the hectic week. I got caught up on emails, attended the Fall Into Wellness Workshop and ordered new business cards! I also had a really exciting meeting with one of my fitness/entrepreneur/amazing women role models (more details to come, not quite ready to share yet) and checked out the new space my spin studio opened. I can’t wait to start spinning there again next month!

Waiting until this afternoon to get my eight miles in. I’m running with a friend whose priorities include watching the Packer game 🙂 Oh, and happy anniversary to my husband and I TOMORROW! A few obligatory wedding pics to follow 🙂

Any chance this cake will still be delicious tomorrow?

Wouldn’t let me wear my Aasics.



4 thoughts on “Whirlwind week.

  1. sweetsweat

    Happy anniversary, Hyedi! How was the cake? 🙂 BTW… your wedding photos are stunning.

    Sounds like you had a crazy week… hope this week is more low-key and that you’re feeling better!

    1. hyedi Post author

      Thanks, Erin! We were actually so full from our delicious dinner that we did not have cake. But we’re celebrating again tonight 🙂

      And, thanks! Feeling much, much better. Hope you’re well!


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