Setting some goals.

-Schedule some periodic “no-screen” time.

-Meditate everyday.

-Race a sub-25 minute 5k (I ran one in 25:55 that included a big ass hill. So I think this is do-able!)

-Make my family more of a priority. (Step one: start figuring out what, of all of the things that take up my time, I’m truly passionate about and what I’m doing because I feel obligated, etc.)

-Run at least 3x per week throughout the fall/winter.

-Spin/yoga/strength train at least 2-3x per week throughout the fall/winter.

-Find time on the busy calendar to see people I haven’t seen in awhile. Especially, KK and Erin!

-Be comfortable not having something “big” to plan for (thanks for the advice/idea, Kori!)

-Increase the amount of money I put into my savings account each paycheck. (I officially booked our cruise tonight so need to start saving!)


4 thoughts on “Setting some goals.

  1. Love your goals, Hyedi! I’ve been attempting less screen time, but it’s not going so well :-/ It’s HARD.

    Your 5K goal is totally doable! Have you picked out a race?

    I would LOVE to get to something on the calendar! I’m gone October 30 through November 8, but after for sure 🙂

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