Racing tomorrow!

I’m really excited about Monster Dash tomorrow!

Today I did one of my favorite things in the world: picked up my race packet. At a race expo.


Unfortunately it was the race expo from hell. I went over my lunch hour to the expo and got immediately worried as I got closer to the location. Traffic was bad and there was no street parking. This was at the same place where packet pickup for the marathon was and I found street parking then. After paying $10 for parking in a ramp (After driving around forever) I had to go all the way down to the lowest level.

When I finally made it inside, I was greeted by a mass of people waiting to be let into the packet pick up area. Luckily when I told the woman I was there for the 10 mile, she let me past all of the people waiting. I picked up my packet and my friend’s and then checked my chip, got my race jacket and then got a wristband so I can get my free beer (at 10 a.m. tomorrow morning?! whatever.)  By the time I got through the line I didn’t have time to check out the expo merchandise because I had a meeting I had to get back for. Sad! I rushed back to my car, only to wait in line for the elevator and then in a line of cars because there was a law school graduation going on that let out at the same time I was leaving. Lovely.

Anyways, end rant.

I’m having dinner with some friends tonight to celebrate their birthdays and then my friend, who I’m running the race with, is coming over to spend the night. Maybe my husband can sleep alone and we’ll have a slumber party 🙂

I’m sure I’ll also spend a significant amount of time tonight trying to figure out what to wear tomorrow.

Race gear so far…


See that CUTE orange striped headband? Well there’s a story to go along with that. On another post. 🙂

It’s only supposed to be about 31 degrees at race start tomorrow — so similar to the marathon. I’ll be sure to have some warm clothes waiting for me at the finish line!


5 thoughts on “Racing tomorrow!

  1. Aimee Cheek

    Ha, my experience was identical trying to go during lunch. Actually ended up getting back to the office half hour late for a meeting. Only saving grace was that I had picked up the bib & jacket for one of the vp’s in that meeting!

    See ya tomorrow!

  2. sweetsweat

    Good luck tomorrow, Hyedi! Are you dressing up?! Race packet pick-up at rivercentre is always a nightmare… it’s tough to find parking and there are a zillion people everywhere… worth the sweet swag, though!

    Ooo… super cute headband! Predicting another giveaway soon 🙂

      1. sweetsweat

        Yeah, no race today… was originally going to go to a wedding in Fargo, but changed plans because of the long drive to Florida next week (adding another eight hours on top of 22 didn’t sound too enjoyable) and have too much stuff to get done before we leave.

        Have a fantastic, fun run! 🙂

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