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Getting faster..


I made my first attempt at speed training today — on the treadmill. I started by warming up for one mile (I kept a steady 10:00 min/mi pace). Then I ran 400 m at 8:00 min/mi pace, jogged until I felt recovered, another 400 m at a 7:53 min/mi pace, jogged until I felt recovered, etc. I did 5 repeats total and did my last 400 m at a 7:35 min/mi pace. I’m still trying to decide what my “race pace” is and I feel like a total idiot. Should I be running faster than my goal 5k time? Help!

OK — now onto something that actually matters. And isn’t just me whining. Check out this awesome video that Girls on the Run Twin Cities just put together about Give to the Max Day coming up on November 15 and how we can all can make a difference:



4 thoughts on “Getting faster..

  1. I usually try and go on an all out sprint for 400’s as fast as I can go. And I don’t know if this is true “training race pace,” but I usually consider it to be my goal time pace (as opposed to my actual race pace).

  2. Yay for interval training! I’m missing it right now. I usually run all out on my intervals 🙂

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