How I’ll be spending my birthday next year.

So it looks like I’ll be spending my 28th birthday running in the middle of the night in rural Wisconsin and in a van with 5 other smelly runners. The 2013 Great River Ragnar Relay just so happens to be over my birthday! And I can’t think of a better way to spend my birthday – oh wait, maybe I can 😉

I have a few confirmed runners already and quite a few who are on the fence. I’m so excited and I hope everyone who’s on the fence decides to run it! I’m especially excited about my friends who will be first-time Ragnarians (including my husband!)

A few of my favorite photos from this incredible weekend (all the way back in 2009!)

Finishing up my first leg.

Katie, celebrating the right way.

Our team: Made in the 80s


18 thoughts on “How I’ll be spending my birthday next year.

  1. Hillary

    My first Ragnar experience was the OTHER Wisconsin one (Madison-Chicago), also in 2009, and was a great experience. I actually ran Hood to Coast over my birthday this year and it’s one of the best birthday’s I’ve ever had. I rocked a “Birthday Princess” sash (pinned on with safety pins) – I highly recommend accessories. The number of random “HB!”s I got from fellow runners was awesome. 🙂

    1. hyedi Post author

      That’s AWESOME. I love the sash idea 🙂

      PS – I just read your TCM recap! Congrats (late) on an incredible PR. I’m excited to start following your journey to a BQ! How did you decide on the Kenosha marathon?

      1. Hillary

        Thanks! MN was such an incredible race. Congrats to you, as well! I picked Wisconsin primarily because it’s fairly local (hour drive from Chicago), flat, and scenic. A friend BQ’d there two years ago, and my boyfriend’s mom has done the half (same course), so I was able to get the run-down. Plus, you get beer and brats at the finish – easy pick!! 🙂

      2. hyedi Post author


        Nice — I might have to look into that one. I’m from Lake Geneva, originally — so I could always crash at the parents’ house for the weekend 🙂

      1. RunToInspire

        Oh thank you – it’s so new, and so scary, but I am really intent on inspiring runners… I’m just hoping and praying that enough people hear about it to actually make a difference 🙂

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