Punkeelove headband review and giveaway!

GIVEAWAY CLOSED! I’ll be randomly selecting a winner soon ๐Ÿ™‚

I think I’ve tried every headband out there, mainly for working out in. I’ve spent a ton of money trying out different ones and they just never seem to stay put, or they fit weird, or are uncomfortable. Bobby pins are always required โ€“ and then, whatโ€™s the point?

I think I’ve found the solution!

Awhile back, my friend Aimee sent me a couple Halloween-themed Punkeelove headbands that she had won, to give a try. I have to admit that I was skeptical.ย But Aimee swore by these, so I decided Iโ€™d give them a shot. As soon as they arrived in the mail, I put one on and wore it around the house. The first sign that I was going to fall in love was that I forgot that I was even wearing a headband!

Then, I had decided that being a Halloween design, Iโ€™d wear it for the Monster Dash. But since it was so cold, I had to wear it under my ear warming headband. Bummer. But it still did the trick! And it stayed in place all ten miles!

So the ladies at Punkeelove were nice enough to send me one thick band headband to review and one to give away.

Aren’t they pretty?

The Punkeelove headbands are adjustable in size and the fabric lining helps keep it in place.

And then you can hide the extra slack!


This company is awesome, btw. Itโ€™s a local (Minnesota) company and was started by two very cool women. You can read more about their storyย here.

So now itโ€™s your turn to win this super cute headband! Simply leave a comment below to enter (Iโ€™d love to hear which design youโ€™d choose!). If you like them on Facebook leave another comment below for an extra entry. Iโ€™ll pick a winner Friday morning!

Good luck!

34 thoughts on “Punkeelove headband review and giveaway!

  1. Aimee Cheek

    Don’t count this as an entry, as I’d really like other people to be able to try them so they can fall in love too! But wanted to say, not only do they stay on for your whole workout without bobby pins, they also look so cute! (And yes, I too have tried just about every workout headband out there). Besides the bunch I won of the halloween versions, I had received two of the sparkly ones as birthday gift and have worn them for a couple of months and even with all the sweat (and I sweat a lot!) and then gentle rinsing, they are still as shiny as the day I got them which is impressive. PS, I accidently wore one to bed a couple of weeks ago and was shocked to find it still on my head in the morning. So now I have another reason to purchase more of them, coordinating with my pj’s, of course. (just kidding.)

  2. Danielle

    I’m the same: I’ve tried Lululemon hairbands with the plastic strip, Under Armour ones that I’ve ended up hairspraying in place, and even using gauze wrap from first aid kits from my softball days. The only headband that stays put is my Karrimor winter running one with ear flaps. I would probably go for an antique floral or bird print of some kind, or a trendy sparrow print myself.

  3. Mandy

    Me too! I have never been able to find a headband that actually stays in place while I work out and would love to find one. Bonus that they are super cute!

  4. sweetsweat

    Headbands are tricky! I have a love-hate relationship with them, and when I do wear one, I always find myself going back to the really wide lululemon ones. They stay put fairly decent, but I do fidget with them a lot. These ones, however, look awesome! Love the color and pattern options, and love that it’s a local company! My fave(s): sparkle black and palm beach loudmouth ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Jen

    I liked them on Facebook, I think I’d maybe try a design your own too, I wouldn’t be as creative as Kate A and her Boston terrier but I’m think some red with polka dots or red check with some yellow ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for this!

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  7. Andrea

    These are super cute and would solve that random-hairs-in-my-face problem while running. Love all the colors and styles they have. I’m partial to purple and always gravitate toward anything with purple in it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Christine Morrison

    LOVE Punkee Love headbands ๐Ÿ™‚ I wore my first one a friend gave to me for Monster Dash as well and continue to wear it! Even though it has adorable little ghosts and goblins ๐Ÿ™‚ Would love to win one that’s more year round! I love the thicker bands! and ALL of them are adorable! so I can’t pick just one! I am also a fan on FB!

  9. Andrea Ellenberger

    Love their story! I would love a pink sparkle headband for my 2 year old that loves pink! I really like the pattern that they sent you. Cute! I have also liked them on Facebook ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for the chance to win one too!!!!

  10. Amanda Y

    Love, love, love them. I picked up 6 at the Health and Fitness expo this year, and get complements on them daily at the gym.

  11. Linda Gail Voet

    I bought my 1st Punkeelove headband a year ago @ a lil shop in Minnesota. I fell in love w/the way it fit and the button to loosen/tighten it. I have since expanded my collection to 10 of the awesome headbands. I like the fact they stay put when I exercise & NEVER slip off. The many colors/styles are great as well. I have told many friends about them and how they need to try them.

  12. Stacy U

    Love these headbands!! I have the double silver sparkle one, wear it to the gym and all races and it never moves. It’s perfect!!!

  13. Michelle

    I was wearing headbands with clips in them while running and I still lost them on the road and hair in the face. My first PL band was a breast cancer band which is close to my heart. Fell in love with it and bought five more and some for my daughter. Never have to worry about hair in my face again!!!

  14. Shantarella

    These are really cute… nice ideas for runners. I always look like a major frizball at the end of a race/long run. With hairbands I find they loose elasticity or are two tight and give me a headache so would love to try these ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Amanda Olson

    I love these headbands! My sister has a lot of them and got me one for my birthday. They are so functional and FUN!

  16. Deb Buckley Miller

    I love them for everyday wear because they are the first headband that doesn’t slip out. I share them with my kids since they are adjustable. I would love to see one in a chocolate brown pattern since I wear I lot of brown, but I also love the multi-colored one shown because it would go with anything!

  17. Jen

    Very cute! I’ve only been able to use really wide ones, but it’d be nice to have a thinner headband stay in place during a run. I like the “Aqua blooms” one.

  18. Yesenia Garcia

    I love doing zumba also have struggled to find a way to keep may hair out of my face! I would love the one pitcure the design is super cute and love the width of it!!


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