Running with the pup + giveaway preview

I had 5x400s on my training schedule for last night’s workout. I did a ten minute warm up and then cranked it up to 8.0. I have a long ways to go, but I felt pretty good for starting at this point and actually just doing speed work of some kind. I did my last 400 at 8.1 🙂 

Then, after the gym, I fought the parking lot and crowds at Lunds only to get to the checkout, reach in my purse and find NO WALLET. I spent the next five minutes searching my car, calling co-workers who I thought might still be in the office and who could check my desk before realizing that I put gas in my car after work so I had to have had my wallet at some point. (It was under the seat of my car.) After that “fun” adventure I headed home and made TWO recipes I found on Pinterest and they both turned out so good.

The weather is amazing here today in Minneapolis, so after work a run was in order. PLUS, my Slox that Ahemlie sent me arrived today!! (Any guesses as to what my next giveaway will be?? 🙂 )

I had MySpace flashbacks..

The pup needed to get some energy out, so I decided to take him along. I haven’t run with him in awhile and man I had to work to keep up with him today!


I blame it on the fact that he’s been running with my much faster husband lately. He’s turning into quite the little runner! Because today was going to be my “easy” run day and the water has already been turned off along the running path, I cut the run a bit short. 2.1 miles in 18:20 = 8:43 min/mi avg. pace.



Off to make dinner and clean the house for my family’s arrival on Friday. Oh, and change of plans –I am no longer am bringing Brussels sprouts to my in-laws tomorrow, but my “famous” spicy pretzels instead 🙂 Bed early tonight — up early to run the Turkey Day 5K tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Running with the pup + giveaway preview

  1. erin

    Glad I’m not the only scatterbrain lately! We had lunch after mountain biking yesterday and were halfway home from Eagan when I realized I left my purse at the café.

    Nice running! I need to start doing some intervals, but don’t think I can make myself get on the dreadmill 🙂 And, fun that you run with Cole! I miss running with a hound! Cool slox, too!

    Happy, happy thanksgiving!


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