Good food and Lifetime Fitness Turkey Day 5K race recap

Right now you can’t smell it, but you’ll have to take my word that my house smells A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! The turkey is roasting, two pumpkin pies are cooling on top of the stove a cherry cheesecake is in the fridge and we’re going to start the cheesy potatoes and green bean casserole soon. We were aiming for traditional Thanksgiving this year and I think we’re going to nail it.

My parents got into town yesterday afternoon which meant that J and I had to leave his parents’ house kind of early yesterday to get home to clean and get a quick trip to the gym in. Then last night my parents, brother, J and I went out for a delicious meal at Glockenspiel, a German restaurant.

My mom’s apple strudel.

The beer sampler

I got the stroganoff which didn’t even come close to touching my mother-in-law’s stroganoff but it was still pretty good. My brother’s pork shank was definitely my favorite thing I sampled.

Thanksgiving was pretty wonderful this year. First, the food. My in-laws made BBQ pork bacon tenderloin, asparagus pizza, mashed potatoes (best ones ever), spinach and strawberry salad and squash.

Cole also had a good time, mainly because my nephew brought his new pet gerbil.

So curious.

We spent hours with the ads and didn’t find anything too exciting. I only ended up hitting up the Gap outlet and ordering a new work dress on Trying to keep my spending in check — so I’m pretty proud of myself 🙂 We’ll see how well I do with Cyber Monday coming up.

Today was day three of my Runner’s World holiday running streak. I only ran one mile  yesterday and 1.07 miles today, but I got it in! I’m hoping for a long run on Monday maybe.

I kicked off my run streak with the Lifetime Fitness Turkey Day 5K on Thursday. My friend Jen and I ran it and it was a beautiful day! There’s SO many people that run this race, so we definitely didn’t worry about our time, but we were pretty happy with the 37:50 we ran it in. Jen just keeps getting faster and faster!


(Most pathetic “race recap” ever)

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving?


3 thoughts on “Good food and Lifetime Fitness Turkey Day 5K race recap

  1. erin

    That asparagus pizza looks delightful! Hope you had a lovely thanksgiving!

    Sorry I missed you at the 5K! We just didn’t feel like dealing with the stress of traffic and all the people 🙂 Congrats on a great run!

    Did you find any good cyber Monday deals?!

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