Top ten gifts for runners

I got sick out of nowhere (which made my Runners World Run Streak come to an abrupt end after just six days) so  I’ve been laying around on my computer doing a little “window shopping.” It made me decide to put together a “top ten” list of the best gifts for runners. Inspiration for this post also comes from the FitFluential #GiveHealthy chat the other night.

In no particular order:

1.       Garmin (or other GPS system): I have the Forerunner 10 which is a relatively inexpensive option.

2.       Nutrition: I love GU recovery brew, Chomps and energy gels.

3.       Compression socks/sleeves: My Zensah compression calf sleeves are miracle workers

4.       Cold weather accessories: hat, gloves, face warmer, yaktrax

5.       Race entries: This time of year, entries for spring races are pretty inexpensive!

6.       Night running accessories: safety and reflective gear like reflective vest, headlamp, pepper spray, etc.  (will be good for my Ragnar training!)

7. Fuel belt: I love my Nathan fuel belt

8. spiBelt: one size fits all and comes in lots of colors

9. Foam roller: enough said.

10. Gift card for running stores!

Other fun ideas could include a special leash for running with your dog, Lululemon or Athleta giftcard, BodyGlide, special running socks, etc. Now it’s your turn! What are your ideas of what to add to this list?


6 thoughts on “Top ten gifts for runners

  1. Kate

    Glad to you know you like your fuel belt. I’ve casually shopping for a new one (mine finally kicked the bucket) and that one’s been on the top of my list!

  2. Caitlin

    I don’t really run but did ask for a Lululemon gift card in my stocking this year! I got my dad a running light once for Christmas and this year I got my mom a really cute Nike pullover for her colder weather runs.

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