Race recap: Race for Recovery

My cat really wants to bite me.

My cat really wants to bite me.

I’ve never written a race recap for a virtual race — fun!

When I saw Michele was putting together Race for Recovery, I couldn’t sign up fast enough. What a COOL idea and for such a great cause. She got some pretty awesome well-deserved publicity for it, too.

So I’ve had the race on my calendar for almost a month now, and I knew we were having a holiday party the night before for some time, but I ended up having (perhaps) too much fun last night. And that’s when I decided the best thing about this virtual race was that I could do it at 6 p.m. on the Lifetime Fitness treadmill after I had almost recovered.

Due to nausea all day (when did hangovers become so hard to recover from? Lesson learned: I’m not 21-years-old anymore) I didn’t eat much and didn’t properly hydrate, so the 5K wasn’t necessarily easy. However, I’m pretty darn happy with my result!

photo (63)

We’re supposed to get a bunch of snow tonight so we’ll see what tomorrow brings in terms of working out. I was planning on a spin class, but maybe some yoga in my living room will be a better option 🙂


2 thoughts on “Race recap: Race for Recovery

  1. erin

    Such a neat idea! And, awesome run! I know if I were hungover I wouldn’t have made it off the couch… I get SO sick (which I why I rarely drink much!)!

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