Breaking out of the funk

Happy Friday! (Well it’s my Friday, anyways!) I’m off work tomorrow and Monday to attend my cousin’s wedding in Charleston, SC! (Has anyone ever been to Charleston? What should I do while I’m there?)

I think I may have finally had a break-through in my fitness “funk” last night. After taking two days off in a row and then battling super weird stomach cramps all day yesterday, I took a nap after work and then forced myself to make it to the gym around 8 p.m. I realized after I got there that I had forgotten my headphones — so much for watching the 12-12-12 concert while on the treadmill.

So I decided to do a little speed work to keep myself entertained:

10 min warm-up jog. 6 mph
4×400 @ 7.7 mph
3 min rest
4×200 @ 8 mph
3 min rest
4×100 @ 8.5 mph
5 min cool down

I felt AWESOME the entire time. (which I don’t think is supposed to happen) So I definitely think I can push myself harder during my speed work.

After I got off the treadmill I spent some quality time with the foam roller. Calves are TIGHT lately!


In other exciting news, I got the BEST EMAIL EVER yesterday. The details of my Ragnar ambassadorship!! I’m too excited and can’t wait to get started spreading the good word of Ragnar.


What does everyone have planned for the weekend?


6 thoughts on “Breaking out of the funk

  1. Amy

    I feel like we are living parallel lives right now. Glad you’ve gotten out of your funk! Have fun in Charleston! I’ve heard great things about it (and I know the dance!), but I’ve never been anywhere near it.

  2. erin

    Speed work is the only way to go on the dreadmill! Glad to hear you’re out of the funk and had an awesome workout!

    Congrats on the Ragnar abmassador-ship! SO exciting!

    Also, loving the new(er) pic in your blog header πŸ™‚


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