Trip so far — in photos

Got to Charleston last night and went out with my cousins and ate some delicious seafood.

This morning I got up and did a quick two mile run to explore the area we are staying. So here’s some photos from the trip so far:

Wendy’s airport lunch

The best cocktail of my life.

Shots with my cousins!


Home sweet home.


The beach — as seen on my morning run.


4 thoughts on “Trip so far — in photos

  1. erin

    I know you’re back, but I’m crazy far behind on reading blogs + commenting, so… looks like a fabulous start to your vacation! The beach! And, isn’t running the best way to explore a new place?!

    Hope you’re feeling better, friend!

    1. hyedi Post author

      I’m way behind, too 😉

      I agree re: running to explore a new place. There was a time where I’d never think to pack my running shoes and now I wouldn’t go anywhere without ’em!


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