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No workouts for me lately..


First of all, I’m so excited to be featured on Michele AKA nycrunningmama‘s blog today! She’s definitely a inspiration to me so it’s awesome to read the nice things she wrote 🙂

So, as I’ve been complaining on social media, you might know that I’ve come down with the flu. I’m on day five and even though my fever broke yesterday, I woke up in the middle of the night last night with a fever back up over 101. Good thing I had the fancy new TV my hubby bought to keep me entertained until it went back down.

photo (63)

Today, my cough has gotten much worse and my ears have started to hurt a bit. Bah. But the fever seems to have gone back down. I might be getting an appetite back, too. So I started the day with one of these:

Kale and spinach smoothies cure everything, right?

Kale and spinach smoothies cure everything, right?

On another note, our trip to South Carolina was a nearly-perfect vacation. My brother, husband and I flew out Friday morning and arrived early evening. My parents, who drove down from Wisconsin, picked us up at the airport and we went to check out the beach house/condo and the beach.

Amazing view

Amazing view

photo (67)

The reason for the trip was an exciting one. My cousin eloped in Costa Rica a few months ago and this was her reception. It was perfect!



The gorgeous couple. Welcome to the family, Tom!

The gorgeous couple. Welcome to the family, Tom!

I posted lots of pics on Instagram, if you don’t already follow me there or want to check ’em out.

Hopefully my next post is actually about working out/running! Safe travels, everyone, if you’re going to be doing so over the holidays!


3 thoughts on “No workouts for me lately..

  1. Love the feature! Michele is right — you totally got this (this = all of your PR goals really!). 🙂

  2. Hope you’re finally feeling better, dear!

    Awesome feature! 2013 will be a year of PRs for you 🙂

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