Happy Holidays!

And Merry Christmas from Wisconsin!

J, Cole and I arrived at my parents’ house yesterday around 4 p.m. And since then, truthfully, we haven’t done a whole lot. It’s taking me a lot longer to bounce back from having the flu than I anticipated, so I slept in AND took a nap and have been Googling my random lingering symptoms (don’t do that — bad idea). My brother had to work at the restaurant in the Cities last night and then made the trip down after his shift. So once he arrived around 5 a.m. this morning, the whole family is finally here!


We’ve also been observing all sorts of wildlife — including a family of deer and some wild turkeys.

My dog realllly wanted to catch one of these.

My dog realllly wanted to catch one of these.

And my mom really outdid herself this year by baking seven different types of insanely delicious Christmas cookies/bars/scones.



And my aunt and uncle sent an amazing Wolferman’s/Harry and David spread that we’ve been sampling.



So there’s no shortage of yummy treats. Just waiting for my appetite to return so I can truly enjoy it all πŸ™‚

Tomorrow we’ll open presents and have a big breakfast before heading to my Great Aunt’s house.

How have your travels, feasts, Christmas traditions, etc been going so far?


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