2012 Racing Recap

As of today I’m signed up for three 2013 races! Today I signed up for the Goldy’s Run 10 mile race. As much as I love looking forward to my favorite races each year, it’s always fun to run one for the first time. Last year, I cheered my husband on when he ran this race. It starts at the University of Minnesota (my alma mater) and ends right on the 50-yard-line in the stadium, with your finish projected on the Jumbotron! Looking ahead to 2013 made me start to think about all of the races I completed in 2012.


No races in January


Climb for a Cure: climbed 50 floors of stairs with friends!

Lifetime Fitness Indoor Tri


Point Bock Run: first road race of the season!

In yellow, crossing the finish line

In yellow, crossing the finish line


*Get in Gear 10K:

Work friends, post-race!

Work friends, post-race!


Lifetime Fitness Indoor Triathlon:

Official results:
Swim – 18 lengths
Bike – 24.2 mi
Run – 2.05 mi

I came in 9th place and was the 5th female overall!


Be the One Run 5K: our first Girls on the Run 5K. I started out as a running buddy and then my duties switched over to social media!

Live tweeting the entire way.

Live tweeting the entire way.


*Garry Bjorkland Half Marathon: One of the most amazing experiences ever. Half marathon PR and such a fun race.

IMG_2249  IMG_2267


Chisago Triathlon: my first triathlon! Didn’t go as well as I had hoped — but I finished!


With my dad!

With my dad!


No races in August


Get Ready to Rock 20 miler: 20 mile training race for the marathon.


*Cloquet River Run 5k: My first 5K PR of the year! My husband made it on the podium at the race.


South Metro Human Services 5K: fun race with our friends. Raised some money for a good cause.

With Erin!

With Erin!

photo (4)


Twin Cities Marathon: my first marathon — incredible experience!

photo (11)


*Monster Dash 10 mile: 10 mile PR just a few weeks after the marathon.

photo (26)


*Diva Dash: second 5K PR of 2012!


Girls on the Run 5K: our first very own 5K. Ran as a running buddy.

Turkey Day 5K: got some miles in before the big meal.

photo (51)


Race for Recovery 5K: awesome race for a great cause.

I came a long way as a runner in 2012 and there were some PRs and “firsts” (triathlon, marathon). Most importantly, in 2012 I learned to push myself to be uncomfortable during runs and races and to recognize the difference between discomfort and pain/injury.

Bring on 2013!

By the numbers and other randomness

Total number of races: 16

Total miles (so far, according to Dailymile): 801

* – denotes PR 🙂


8 thoughts on “2012 Racing Recap

  1. Amy

    Wow….I knew you were racing a lot, but 16 races is quite the accomplishment! I’m glad we were able to virtually marathon train together, and one of these days when I actually do a tri for real, I’ll be looking back at some of your posts!

    1. hyedi Post author

      I couldn’t quite believe it — as I was putting the list together, I kept finding more that I had forgotten about! I’m glad we virtually trained together too. You somehow helped keep me sane!

      And sounds good 🙂 I’m excited for you to do a tri sometime — but it’ll happen when it’s meant to be!

  2. erin

    What an awesome year, Hyedi! Sixteen races… impressive! I’m excited to see what 2013 brings for you!

    Goldy’s Run looks so fun… may have to join you on that one 🙂

  3. Hillary

    What a great year! You look so cute holding up your bib pre-marathon. 🙂

    Your Goldy’s Run sounds a lot like Chicago’s Soldier Field 10 Mile (finish on the 50 at Soldier Field!) It’s usually my annual “of course I’m running it” race, but it doesn’t look like it’ll happen in 2013, as the Wisconsin marathon is just a few weeks prior.

    With all of the momentum and accomplishment of 2012, your 2013 is sure to bring only great things. Can’t wait to see where it takes you!

    1. hyedi Post author

      Haha — thanks, Hillary! I’ve actually heard or that race. My childhood friend runs it every year — looks like a blast!

      I’m also excited to follow your journey in 2013 🙂


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