My big news!

I’ve decided to pursue my certification in personal training — hopefully followed by my RRCA certification!

I have six months to learn everything I need to know, get re-certified in CPR/AED and then take my exam and holy cow am I nervous already. I’m a TERRIBLE test taker (my GRE scores are proof of this) — but I’m determined to make time for this and do my practice tests and study study study!

My parents were nice enough to chip in to cover the cost as part of my Christmas gift this year. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

To be quite honest, I’m not sure what I plan to do with the certification. At least to start with, I’m hoping it will add credibility to my health journalism/communication master’s degree and maybe I can give personal training on the side. If anyone wants to let me practice on them — let me know! 😉

I went for my first long run today (four miles) to kick off my ten mile training plan. It was NOT pretty — my recovery from the flu is dragging on and on and that means that my run was a bit….phlegm-y — sorry for that visual.

But I kept a pretty decent pace and was treated by this sight at the halfway point:

Frozen falls.

Frozen falls.

In comparison, this is how the falls look when they’re thawed:

I can't wait until they look like this again.

I can’t wait until they look like this again.

Since the temp was somewhere around 15 degrees when I headed out for my run, and I couldn’t remember how to dress for that kind of running, I opted for layers.

-Lucy running tights with Lucy running pants over them

Lululemon Brisk Run Toque

-New Brooks gloves (LOVE them!)

-Lululemon Run Swiftly LS

-My new Fila running LS tech from my sister-in-law and family (!!)

-Monster Dash half-zip from 2009 half marathon

I was a little toasty, but didn’t feel overheated at all.

Sweaty post-run photo.

Sweaty post-run photo.

On a totally random note, the new restaurant that’s been taking FORever to be built is finally showing some progress.

I can already taste the spam bites.

I can already taste the spam bites.

There is another Blue Door Pub location that’s been open for a few years in St. Paul, but it’s a very small place and there’s ALWAYS a long wait for a table. So I’m pretty excited for this location to open — and within walking distance of my house! They specialize in juicy blucys — burgers with cheese inside of the patty. And they get creative with it. Check out the menu.

What are your New Years Eve/Day plans?


10 thoughts on “My big news!

  1. erin

    So, SO awesome, Hyedi! Wish I could join you, but 2013 is going to be insane. You can totally practice on me, too 🙂

    Isn’t winter running so… hmm… just so fantastic?!

  2. Kate

    YAY! You’ll be AWESOME! Which cert are you going to do? I did one of the smaller ones just for fun ~5 years ago (obviously didn’t use/maintain it, haha), and it really wasn’t too too bad, just a lot of memorization. I took an in-person class with it and found that SUPER helpful and fun if you have the time/$ to explore that!

    1. hyedi Post author

      I’m doing the ACE personal training certification. I wish I could do it in-person but I don’t think I can swing it 😦 Going to have to really focus/study — oh and bug you since now I know you can help me if I have questions! 🙂

  3. racingthestates

    That’s almost exactly what I’m doing! I just started a 6 month program to get my personal training certification. (I’m one month in already) and I really want to try and get my RRCA cert too. EVENTUALLY i think I’ll go get my masters and also be a sports dietician..but like you, my GRE scores weren’t that great either. Good luck in all your studies! You’ll do fantastic!

  4. Amy

    That’s awesome! Even if you don’t pursue a personal training career, knowing all that stuff is super helpful for your own training. And seriously, I don’t know how you jog in those temperatures all the time. We’re having a very cold winter thus far, and my poor lungs can’t handle inhaling that cold air.


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