Starting to feel human again

There are few material things I love more in life than new iPhone covers. It’s a weird obsession and I’ve been pretty good with not buying any in awhile, but the recent Kate Spade sale was too much for me to handle.


Unshowered. Sorry.

Close up. So cute!

Close up. So cute!

While I’m amazed at how well the drugs are working at speeding up my recovery, one unpleasant side effect of something I’m taking is insomnia. For someone who loves sleeping as much as I do — this is a terrible, terrible thing. So I spent a few hours playing iPhone games with random people and then tossing and turning until somewhere around 3 a.m. Not fun.

My ACE personal training study materials should be arriving soon but in the meantime, I watched the first video in the lecture series (I took notes. Yes, I’m a nerd.) — and started exploring their online resources.

I’m so happy that I’m starting to feel better because this weekend we’re celebrating my BFF’s birthday! We’re hitting up a tour at a local brewery that I’ve been wanting to go on for forever and then hanging out there and getting some yummy food from one of the food trucks that parks out front on the weekends. Then, it’s the big Vikings vs. Packers game Saturday night (yes, I’m from Wisconsin originally. no, I do not like the Packers). And Sunday I start my juice cleanse!!!!!!! I’m beyond excited about this. I had the chance to try The Juice Works‘ juices at a wellness workshop I attended a few months back and they are delicious.

Still no workouts/running for me at least for the next day or two, but I’m itching to lace up my running shoes soon! (Especially with my cruise rapidly approaching ;))

Happy Friday, everyone!


6 thoughts on “Starting to feel human again

  1. erin

    Love me a cute iPhone cover! I’ve been wanting a new one, too.

    Also, SO glad you’re feeling better!

    And, how was day one of your juice cleanse?!

    1. hyedi Post author

      It was good. A bit more challenging than when I usually detox, since my diet has been so poor lately. But it was great and the juices are so delicious!


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