A whole lotta beef.

There is a quarter of a cow in my freezer. In fact, we have so much beef, my in-laws are buying us a freezer.

As a former vegetarian, I never thought I’d be buying part of a cow, but my parents asked my husband and I if we were interested in splitting a cow with them. When they went on to say that it’d be from a semi-local farm (Wausau, WI) and all of the beef would be grass-fed and we’d be dealing directly with the farmer to purchase — I couldn’t turn down the offer.

Just some of the great things about NewGrass Farm’s grass-fed beef, free-range chicken and pork  — they are raised without the following additives:

  • No hormones
  • No antibiotics or other drugs
  • No Genetically Modified Grains
  • No herbicides or Pesticides
  • No farm subsidies

Turns out, a lot of my friends felt the same way as we did! We ended up splitting our half with my husband’s parents and some of our friends.

That's a lot of meat.

That’s a lot of meat.

The meat deal, going down.

The meat deal, going down.

When all was said and done (once the final weight and processing fees were taken into account) it ended up being about $5-6/pound which is a great deal for the roasts and steaks and even not too bad for the ground beef.

With a freezer full of beef, guess what I’ll be having for dinner tomorrow night? Well, not beef. Juice cleanse=no red meat. Ah, funny timing.

The brewery tour we went on today for my friend’s birthday was so much fun!

Beers on tap.

Beers on tap.

Not only did we enjoy some of this local brewery’s beers, (I could only enjoy one, as not drinking for a few weeks makes you a lightweight) but we had Pizza Luce delivered to the brewery too. YUM — I love their baked potato pizza.

The girls!

With the birthday girl!

With the hubby.

With the hubby.

I’m parked on the couch watching the Vikings less-than-impressive showing tonight. After my outing today, a quiet evening in is in order. I finished my flu meds today (hooray!) and I’m hoping to get a workout in tomorrow!


10 thoughts on “A whole lotta beef.

  1. quietexistence

    Love this! We wanted to buy a share in a cow this year… but it was too expensive 😦 We try to only eat local, happy animals or sustainably/self caught critters. I commend you! I also wish I had your drive to strap on the shoes and run… I now blame the snow for my laziness… good excuse, huh? Love your posts!

    1. hyedi Post author

      Ugh, I know. It was a HUGE investment that we’ve been saving for, but still kind of hurt, especially after holiday spending. But I’m hoping it’ll end up being worth it!

      And snow is a great excuse 😉 Glad you are enjoying my posts and glad to have now discovered your blog as well!

  2. erin

    We bought a box o’ Fischer Farms pork from Birchwood in December… so good and so nice to have a stocked freezer! We also bought a quarter of beef last fall and are still working on it 🙂

    The Fulton tour sounds fun! Nick and I may need to do that one of these days…


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